After pressure from city, property owner cleans up abandoned, overgrown Sunset Avenue home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  Neighbors and city leaders frustrated over an overgrown and abandoned home on Sunset Avenue have finally received some relief.

Bugs critters, and overgrowth have made the property at 300 Sunset Avenue property a nightmare for neighbors for more than a decade.

After pressure from city Councilman Bill Kling, all of the brush was finally cleared away this past Sunday.

“Largely because of the news story on channel 19, the city community development office was able to get the property owners to come in and clean up a lot of that mess,” said Kling.

A pile of brush still sits on the side of the road, but Kling says the city will soon remove it.

Kling says he and the city plan to keep an eye on the property to make sure the property owner continues the upkeep.

“I think there’s still more things that need to be done, brush in the backyard, painting, the condition of the wood siding that need to be addressed,” said Kling. “Possibly because of the property value someone might just buy the property and bulldoze the house.”

Kling received several emails from people interested in purchasing the property, that is currently managed by the owner’s lawyer.