Paying it Forward by Paying for Lunch at Huntsville Hospital Cafeteria

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  When you have a loved one in the hospital, it can be stressful and expensive. For employees, working around sick people every day can take a toll too. WHNT NEWS 19 decided to do something nice for them by buying lunch one day.

It's something small, but it made a big difference. We immediately starting giving out the $319 at the Huntsville Hospital cafeteria.

"That is wonderful," said one man who was at the hospital because his mother-in-law was having surgery. "Thank you!"

A couple from Ardmore was also visiting someone at the hospital and grateful for the money to pay for lunch.

"That's mighty nice," the man said. The woman showed her appreciation with a hug.

Next, we were on to the lunch line. After doling out the dough there, we gave $10 bucks to a man from Athens who brought his brother there for a long day of cancer treatment.

"We won't be finished until about 6:00pm," he explained. "It takes him that long to have it. Thank y'all!"

We pinpointed two ladies coming into the cafeteria, one of whom was there because her husband was a patient.

"Thank you," she said after receiving the money. "That's exciting!"

The excitement was evident. Others couldn't believe it. A few folks gave the money back to us, to help others. When we got to the final $20 dollars, we knew just who to give it to - two of the Huntsville Hospital cafeteria cashiers.