Lincoln County mayoral candidates take questions from voters

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT)-  Five people are running to be the next mayor of Lincoln County.  Monday night they faced voters who had questions as they attempt to decide who they will vote for.

There was a large turnout.   At one point the doors to the municipal center had to be closed.

The Lincoln County Citizens Action Network hosted the forum.  Voters were allowed to submit questions before the forum began, but the candidates did not know what those questions might be.

"Well at this point taxes are certainly an issue," said organizer Bruce Avilla. "There's also a current debate that's going on about the sales tax sharing between the city and the county. It has not been solved so that is a very important topic.  The people are interested in knowing what the future vision is for the future mayor is and how they are going to work together with the city.

Current Mayor Peggy Bevels is facing four opponents.   They are Jack Atchley, Bill Newman, Gwen Shelton and David Smith.

The election will be held on August 7th during the state primaries.    If you missed tonight's forum it will be posted at a later date on the Lincoln County Can website.