April 27th, 2011’s Legacy: State Farm offers Space Camp scholarships

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When we talk about the legacy of 2011's deadly tornadoes, you probably don't expect to conversation to end up at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

You probably don't expect a pack of smiling young faces either.

But here you are, forgetting one of the lessons we learned that day.

Expect the unexpected.

After the horror and destruction of April 2011, State Farm Insurance held a ceremony much like one we saw on Monday. They gave out scholarships to storm victims for Space Camp.

State Farm Spokesperson Roszell Gadson says, "State Farm agents got together and they saw this as a good way to help out some of the families who were recovering from that devastating tornado outbreak."

Three years later, we're here again.

Gadson adds, "It was such a great program, a great experience for the students and the parents and the State Farm agents, that they decided to continue. And this has kind of become an unofficial tradition."

So when we think about the legacy of April 27th 2011, remember we've finished cleaning up a lot of the damage, but we continue building our communities.

Gadson notes, "This is such a well-liked program, that I know there's interest in continuing next year and possibly many years to come."

A legacy worth keeping in mind.

The program distributed scholarships to nine students this year.