Shooting leads councilman to call for security cameras inside skate park

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A weekend shooting has Huntsville city leaders wanting to increase security at a city skate park.

Councilman Bill Kling plans to propose installing security cameras inside Lydia Gold Skate Park, after a confrontation led to one man being shot at the park on Sunday.

"We want to make sure it`s safe for people to come out," said Kling. "It's a good use of the land and it`s being well utilized. We want to make sure it stays safe."

Kling plans to propose installing security cameras around the park during Thursday's city council meeting.

However, even if he does gain his fellow councilmembers' support, they would then have to seek approval from the Alabama Department of Transportation. The skate park, along with a nearby dog park, are located under I-565, on state owned property.

In the past, the city was denied permission to build any permanent structures - like a bathroom - on the property, but Kling thinks this proposal could gain the state's favor.



  • Jules

    Any cameras that go up will be spray painted in days. The undesirables that are necessitating this move will be the ones that damage them so they can continue the activities that prohibit many parents from letting their kids go near the place. The cameras would likely be on a closed loop and only accessed in the event of an incident. Nobody will know the things have been damaged until they need the footage. This was tried at several youth parks when I was younger and lived further west and they never worked more than a few weeks before being vandalized.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Episodes resulting in similar confrontations have been occurring for the past several years both at the Dog Park & the Skate Park…but we just quit going to the Dog Park a couple of years ago AFTER complaining to the City & Dog Park “Managers”…thank goodness there was just no “gunfight” just bad tempers, pushing, shoving, broken car windows, alcohol, drugs, dead dogs and scared dog owners.

  • PunkKids

    The city needs to close the park! They have spent thousands pressure washing the graffiti of the place every 3 months! Just a place for sorry parents to drop off their sorry kids!

  • Sheep Dog

    It’s funny how Kling can suggest cameras for a skate park yet the city doesn’t seem able to purchase enough cars for the Police Department. Many of the vehicles are approaching or over 200 k miles.

  • Bruce Guy

    How about starting a program for the youth to clean up the area. Once they start cleaning it up, they won’t be happy to see it get dirty again. Maybe they’ll take pride in it.

    • Brian S.

      Nice thought Bruce. I don’t think it will work however. Kids today do not have those kinds of values. Or at least, very few do. I am against cameras as I think the Govt is already too intrusive in our lives. Crimes happen in private homes quite frequently. What’s next then? Cameras in our homes? I think this is nothing more than a politician trying to score points with a knee-jerk reaction.

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