UPDATE: Police arrest man accused of stealing Edible Arrangements delivery truck

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police chased a man who stole a delivery van Wednesday evening.

Edible Arrangements owner Michelda Johnson reported her van stolen from the parking lot next to Walmart on Sparkman Drive around 4:45 Wednesday afternoon.

The driver was finishing up a delivery, but left the van running to keep the air conditioning going. When the driver returned, the van was gone.

“Who steals a fruit truck? I mean, it’s a fruit truck,” said Johnson.

Deputies spotted the stolen truck about 9:45 p.m. and chased the driver through two counties, eventually stopping him on Highway 72 just south of Woodville in Jackson County.

David Wessley Carter (Photo: Madison County Metro Jail)

David Wessley Carter (Photo: Madison County Metro Jail)

Deputies say the man driving the van, David Wessley Carter, finally just pulled over.  He is charged with driving under the influence, attempting to elude police and receiving stolen property.

Johnson says the incident left her van in pretty bad shape.  Father's Day is Sunday, and she has several deliveries to make.

"As far as they can tell now, the brake line has been cut, the window was busted out, the tires are flat, it's not operable, and so... it's just not operable," Johnson said.

Wednesday night, Johnson worked to find another van to rent.  She promises all orders will be delivered on time.

Johnson owns Edible Arrangements on Highway 72.