Learn To Read: Bookmarking success in Athens

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Working toward a more literate community is the goal of an Athens group called ‘Learn to Read.’ Members are helping students turn the pages toward success one at a time.

It’s not summer school, but the students are spending their summer hitting the books.

“We can now this summer have up to 50 students for the summer reading program,” said Rhonda Andrews, Executive Director of Learn to Read.

Learn to Read initially started to teach adults to read, but soon realized the sooner they reach their clients, the better.

“We started an after school tutoring program for the children. Everybody thought it would be a good idea it would be much better to reach the children at a younger age,” said Andrews.

The parents and teachers see the difference, but they love it when the students do too.

“The children seem a little more confident and that seems to be a second benefit that comes from not just learning skills, feeling more confident and when they go back to school they don't hate it as much,” Andrews said.

The program blossomed and Learn to Read partnered with Athens State.

“We appreciate Athens State University so much because without the room here we wouldn't be apple to teach as many children," Andrews said.

More space, more students lead to their biggest need, more tutors.

“We need tutors so if anybody that would like to volunteer we do workshops, we will train you,” Andrews said.

Andrews says you don’t have to be a teacher to be a tutor, but they love to have retired teachers come and volunteer their time.

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