Hartselle, Falkville Sign Automatic Aid Agreement

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s been a lot of concern in Hartselle over the loss of the city’s only ambulance service. Well, the city council resolved the issue last night, at least for the time being. but there are some other changes taking place. The city and town councils in both Hartselle and Falkville last night passed whats called Automatic Aid Agreements. The two communities are working together to help ensure the safety of their citizens and their property.

First, the councils in both Hartselle and Falkville have worked out an agreement with Decatur-based First Response Ambulance Service to provide service to both areas. First Response has agreed to fulfill the remaining 8 months on an ambulance service contract that Crossroads Ambulance had before they went out of business last week. It means when someone in either town needs an ambulance, there will be one there.

“We have a truck in Hartselle thats dedicated to us and the town of Falkville as well and everything’s running smooth, haven’t had any problems none what-so-ever,” according to Hartselle Fire Chief Steve Shelton.

Looking ahead, officials in both towns hope to secure a permanent EMS provider that may be stationed between Hartselle and Falkville and provide service to both communities. But that’s not where the cooperation ends.

The towns have now entered into whats called an Automatic Aid Agreement, meaning when one town’s fire department is dispatched to a structure fire, the other town’s fire department will also be called out, at the same time.

“So its going to eliminate the extended response time for the secondary trucks to get here. It’ll provide us with more resourses and more personnel in a more timely manner,” Shelton says.

Two uniquely different communities combining their resources to keep their residents and their property safe.

The Automatic Aid Agreement is expected to help lower homeowners and property insurance costs in both communities. Meanwhile both communities are already working on a solution regarding their need for a permanent ambulance service provider. We’ll let you know what happens.