Deal or Dud: Things to consider before you buy a product

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(WHNT) --    Many of you look forward to Deal or Dud, because the tests we do can save you money. Today, instead of testing out a product, we want to review some things to remember when you buy a product "you think" will help save time and money.

Many of the items we test on Deal or Dud cost in the $10-$20 range. That may not seem like a huge sum of money to some of you, but $20  is, depending on where you buy it, six to seven gallons of gas. It's a chunk of groceries. There are some things you can do to make sure you money is well spent.

1) Ask the store clerks what gets returned in the store. If you see a product you like, ask the people who work there what customers say about it.

2) Do your research. The internet is chock full of reviews of products, and you will get a sense of what the product's challenges or advantages are.

3)  We know people like to shop at work,  but if you see a "Seen On TV" product you will get slammed with multiple offers that can make your eyes glaze over. Ultimatley, you will pay big shipping and receiving costs. You may get a two for one, but they make up the money somewhere. Wait till the product hits a store. That way you can take it back to a human being.

4) When you do buy the item in a brick and mortar store, save your receipt. Save your receipt. Save your receipt.

5) Let's say you do buy the product, and you have the receipt, and you get home and you realize you've made a terrible mistake.   Take the receipt and the product back. Make notes. Tell them clearly what is wrong with the product. Then email the company.
You never know... they may make it worth your time.

The bottom line: do your homework.
Don't impulse buy.
Save your receipts.