Shoals road crews working around the clock clearing storm debris

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Chainsaws have grown to be a familiar sound across northwest Alabama.

Trees and large limbs have not fared very well during the strong storms that have pounded it the last several days.

Street department workers in the city of Florence have been on the clock since early Monday night clearing trees, with no sign of letting up.

“We had about twelve of them at seven o’clock last night and several more through the night, and we’ve had some more this morning,” stated David Koonce with the Florence Street Department.

Storm after furious storm has torn heavy limbs from the trunk, littering roads all over.

According to Koonce, the downtown neighborhoods have been hit especially hard.

“Florence being a tree city, it has a lot of older trees and these older trees tend to get weak in time and the limbs fall off and get hollow in the middle,” explained Koonce, “causing lots of trouble.”

Over the last several days limbs have been breaking away and destroying anything in their way.

A large limb on Walnut Street fell on a car and took out a utility pole with it.

And at this point Koonce says there’s no relief in sight, “We’re having a lot fall even when it’s not raining. Trees are falling now just because they are so wet and the ground is so wet.”

And unfortunately there’s no break in the clouds for these guys to catch their breath.

It’s not just the fallen trees that have road crews in the Shoals busy.

There have been numerous reports Tuesday afternoon of flash flooding in which they have needed to set-up barricades to block roadways.