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Salvation Army moves the commanding officers of Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - In the Salvation Army's office lobby in Madison County, you'll find piles of bread.

They collect the day-olds from vendors then give it out for free.

Major Mark Satterlee guesses, "Some of our guys that walk in here, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a major part of their meal for the day."

Majors Mark and Mary Satterlee have broken bread with those in need here for five years now.

But commanding the forces in Madison County is their thirteenth assignment. The job has kept them on the move for thirty-five years.

Mary says she's used to it, "My parents were in the Salvation Army, so I've been doing it all my life."

Mark adds, "Monday morning, we get up early and literally head for the hills of Asheville, North Carolina."

They've packed up most of their things now, except for a few important ones, but you get the sense with this move, they'll check their rear view mirror an extra time

Mark says, "It will pain us to have to leave this place after five years."

"We've just loved it here, and the people are so friendly. And we're going to miss it," Mary chimes in.

Because here - well, here when you ask for a basket of bread, you get four.

Mark agrees, "Whenever we've expressed any kind of need, the community has been so quick to come to our side. And not only us, but other charities I've known."

But as the Satterlees file away their last documents from this assignment, they pause to share one last message.

Mark says, "We get so busy asking people for things, that I really don't know that we really say thank you enough. The community and its support of the Salvation Army and those that we serve, we can never thank the community enough for everything they've done."