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Police: Gunman kills student at Oregon high school

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(CNN) — One student was killed at the hands of a shooter at a high school near Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday morning, police agencies said.

The suspected shooter is also dead, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said. It was not immediately clear how the shooter died.

There was only one shooter involved in the incident, police said.

About an hour after the shooting, Oregon State Police said the area was secure and the situation was contained.

The shooting happened at about 8 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, about 12 miles east of Portland, said Sue Strickland of the Troutdale Police Department.

A semiautomatic weapon was involved in the shooting, she said.

Classes were in session at the time, Strickland said. It wasn’t clear how many people were injured, and details about what led to the shooting weren’t immediately available.

A couple of SWAT teams responded, Strickland said.

CNN first learned of the shooting through reports on Twitter.

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  • tim

    Another slaughter in a ” gun free ” zone. All made possible by idiot politicians that think gun free zones will prevent violent people from committing violent crimes.

    • Say What

      Timmy, it was not a gun free zone. Oregon allows concealed carry with a permit. The school has armed resource officers. The recent shooting in Las Vegas has shattered your old talking points. Those shooters killed an armed “good guy with a gun” that tried to stop the shooting and murdered two highly trained, armed, police officers. It is my understanding that the new talking points will be published in the next issue of NRA’s American Rifleman!

      • Me

        You’ve got to be a real idiot to try and argue that this school was an area where guns are allowed. It is a pretty standard rule that schools do not allow guns on campus except by law enforcement. Given the shooter was a child by law he was undoubtedly not legally allowed to bring that gun into school. That’s a complete joke

    • Me

      With that thought process there are absolutely no areas in our country that are gun-free given cops are allowed just about everywhere…

  • Michael

    Another thing, despite all the increased attention in the news in recent years with school shootings the statistics by the Education and Justice Departments show that school violence continues to decline since two decades ago. It’s the psychology of it all that is making the real impact on us.

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