Madison County Driver Says High Weeds Are Dangerous

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Highway 53 going through Madison County is busy. And that's after much of it was widened from two lanes to four. Kelly Springs Road intersects with 53, and that intersection is also busy. "It worries me a lot. there's always a lot of wrecks on 53," says driver Ann Yelle.  She uses the Kelly Springs intersection every day.

Now, drivers do have a traffic light at Kelly Springs and 53, and they certainly use that. But drivers who miss the light can also turn right on red, but that's where the problem crops up. High grass and weeds at the intersection makes it tough to see back to the left.  Drivers turning right don't have a good look at oncoming traffic. "You just can't see traffic coming from the other direction," says Ann.

In this case the fix is pretty simple, but Ann Yelle says if the state would go one more step, it would be a big improvement. "A merge lane would make a lot of difference. I think that might be a more expensive solution," says Ann.

It would definitely be more expensive, but while we're taking action to make sure the state DOT knows about the weed problem, we'll also suggest the merge-lane.  One fix will be good, but the other would be best.

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  • Jakov

    This is an issue that’s needs attention for sure. I also have a problem with businesses and homes that have landscaping that prevents seeing oncoming traffic if you drive anything that sits lower than a monster truck. I drive a Buick and cant tell you the number of times I have had to pull into the cross lane traffic to see if anyone is coming because of bushes, signs, fences, rocks and/or shrubs that block visibility and are allowed to grow right to the edge of a sidewalk or corner. I understand the cost to the country to mow along highways but interchanges are more critical than anything else and should be a priority to keep clear and clean.

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