Madison preschool is under construction, school officials already talking expansion

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - There's a hotbed of activity off Nance Road in Madison.

Workers are transforming an old daycare to the city's new preschool building.

The doors haven't even opened yet and already there's talk of expansion.

Construction crews are drilling in new life tothe building that's been vacant for a year.

"We think that this pre-k school program gives kids a fair start, ready to come in, ready to learn, ready with routine, ready with regimens and ready to have fun learning," said Madison School Superintendent Dee Fowler.

Within two months, there will be state of the art technology, an entrance with two sets of doors for extra security, and nine classrooms.

Officials say the new preschool will help close a gap between young children who have a proactive background and those who don't.

"That's so important because you know you've got a little girl over here, ready to go and she flies.  and then you might have a little boy or a little girl that hasn't had that development in their home for whatever reason," said Sharon Willis, Federal Programs Coordinator for Madison City Schools.

She said interest in the new preschool came fast and furious.

There's currently a waiting list of 45.

For its first year, only six of the nine classrooms will be in use.

But school officials are already thinking past the first year, ready to use the waiting list as evidence for the need to expand.

"We want to show the need for the pre-k education here," said Willis.  "That's one way that I write that grant is to show the need that madison city has for preschool education."

And that's why it's important that the workers have all nine classrooms ready to go to accomodate more children if the district is granted permission to grow.

The kids who will start there in August were chosen by a lottery system and have been notified.

Workers are trying to get everthing done by July 31st.
The new school year starts on August 5th.

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    Wow. First of all, who proofs these articles? This is a story about pre-school education is ridled with typing errors. Second, I can’t wait for my young child to learn a routine and regimen – that really does sound like a lot of fun. I don’t understand what is wrong with parents taking care of thier children the way they see fit (even if it does cost money for daycare) and allowing to start children in school at age 5. Why the push to regiment our children by the government at such a young age?

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