LifeSource, Inc. Helping People Reach Their Full Potential

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Helping people reach their full potential in life is the mission of LifeSource, Inc. in Decatur.

A WHNT NEWS 19 viewer nominated its founder, Robin Ladner. In her email, Susan Crittenden, writes:

“Robin has spent hours upon hours counseling and working with men and women that have been released from jail or prison, substance abusers, and those just needing direction and guidance. Robin’s passion for offering a positive and permanent life change to all is so inspiring. Her unconditional love and relentless pursuit to better another person's life is much to be praised and rewarded.”

WHNT NEWS 19’s Clarissa McClain headed to the River City to Pay it Forward.

In the room full of people at LifeSource Inc., all are in on the secret, except one.

“Does everybody in here know something’s up and I don’t?” Ladner asked out loud. “Yes!”, they replied.

After receiving the $319 in cash, Ladner explained how the money will really help them serve those who are overcoming substance abuse problems or trying to start a new life after being released from jail or prison. Sometimes, money is hard to come by.

“There is a stigma with our clients,” says Ladner. “They have made some bad choices in their lives and a lot of people are hesitant. But what we have found is when we are able to help these people, it helps their children, it helps their families and it helps our society at large.”

The non-profit, founded in 2011, provides a positive environment, nine support meetings a week, art classes, and a job center, where clients can get search and apply for jobs online. The organization also regularly serves up a good meal.

“We keep food in here because we feed everybody at every meeting,” describes Ladner.

LifeSource, Inc. also keeps its pantry stocked for emergency food assistance.

“Food is a huge part of what we do,” says Ladner. “A lot of the energy and time we spend is put into organizing and getting meals for our clients.”

After all, enjoying a good meal relaxes everyone and puts them in the mind frame to make a change.

“Our main goal and desire here is not that they come here and get well for a while, but they leave here with something they can take to make their lives better,” says Ladner.

In December of 2013, LifeSource, Inc. had a setback. A fire destroyed its building. That is one of the reasons why all donations matter. To make a contribution, click here.

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