Update: Man shot in thigh at Huntsville’s downtown skate park

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Huntsville police responded to a shooting at Lydia Gold Skatepark.

It happened at the city's skate park, that's just off of Meridian Street near where it runs underneath Interstate 565. The call came in around 7:50 p.m. Sunday.

Investigators say an altercation between two groups of people resulted in a man armed with a gun threatening to shoot everyone. Another man pulled out his own gun and shot the offender in the thigh, according to police. Emergency crews transported him to Huntsville Hospital.

Officials say multiple shots were fired, which hit some cars in the parking lot.

Investigators tell us they don't believe it was a gang related shooting.

Police say young kids were at the skate park when the argument occurred.

The offender was taken into custody by officers.


  • Jimmy

    I cant wait for Remington to get here and start pumping more guns into the streets. We will all be safer then.

  • Red

    All these stories of good guys with guns prevailing over the bad guys with guns are heartwarming.

    There is nothing wrong, in theory, with the law abiding citizen owning and even carrying a firearm. However, it should terrify everyone how the “gun” has become a symbol for the dissaffected, the paranoid and the fearful IN ADDITION to our average run-of-the-mill criminal. Anyone that doesn’t understand that the country is becoming more dangerous, rather than less dangerous, is a fool. But… foolish is popular. Everybody else is a liberal.

    • Nuclear Mike

      ..and at one time only Knights were to have swords too…yes, it appears that a very violent part of our Society has emerged from the decades of social welfare where the value of life is cheap.

  • Say What

    I noticed that WHNT will not even publish the story of today’s shooting in Las Vegas. Two police officers were killed in a restaurant and one shopper was slaughtered in the Wal-Mart near by. So much for the good guys with guns as the answer to stopping these shootings!

    • TruthIsStrangerThanFiction

      If they do cover the story- perhaps you will notice the part about the CC holder stopping the shooting. It must hurt to be uninformed.

    • Hindsight 20/20

      U think the Las Vegas news published the Huntsville shooting?? Actually, Do u think anybody in Las Vegas cares about the Huntsville shooting?? My condolences to the families in Vegas. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t require a warning shot or obviously the situation would be different, perhaps. Was the shopper strapped or just the shooter? Now that we are in Vegas, I bet the bank that God isn’t gonna hand out knives when Satan is handing out guns!

  • American

    Say What I will give you a free lesson but only once . If Guns kill people then spoons make people fat ……..

    • Tyko Maki

      Sure, a gun is an inanimate object, a person must pull the trigger, but if the shooter didn’t have a gun, there would be no trigger to pull. Guns don’t kill, but more guns on the streets means more gun violence.

      Sooner or later people are going to say enough is enough, and America will follow in the footsteps of Australia which has proven that gun control is effective in reducing gun violence.

      Americans have an unhealthy obsession with weapons and violence, probably because of the sexually repressive culture. It’s okay to show gruesome violence on TV, but people lose their minds if a woman’s breasts are exposed. Americans are an odd bunch.

      • Say What

        Me, why do you and others think that I am the only liberal in Alabama. I only post under the “Say What” screen name. You need to wake up and understand that this area is changing right under your dinosaur nose!

    • Scott

      Closing this place down will help nothing.My guess is the people shooting were not skateboarders but hoods hanging out.I know quite a few skateboarders and while they can get on my nerves they are not generally violent types.Shutting every place down that teenagers hang out at is never a good idea to me.It just sounds good to say.

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