Decatur Police Respond to Shooting, Two People Hospitalized

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Two people are in the hospital after a shooting Saturday afternoon.

Decatur Police Officers responded to the call of an apparent shooting at 1210 Runnymead Avenue around noon. When they got to the scene, investigators found two people hurt.

Emergency crews transported both victims to Decatur-Morgan Hospital. Officers say one of the victims was shot in both arms. The other had a head wound, but it was unclear if it was a gunshot wound, according to investigators.

Officers tell WHNT News 19 both victims were not cooperative with the investigation. Investigators say they were interviewing several possible witnesses.

No one is in custody at this time.


    • public_name

      Of course guns kill people. If a gun couldn’t kill a person it would be defective. What’s also defective is arguing for gun control based on the fact that guns are designed to kill. If you read your country’s Constitution you will learn that it grants us the right to not only own a gun but to bear that gun. Some people think bearing arms means to hunt for bear. What it really means is “carry” arms. That means that I have the right to own and carry guns. For those who’ve never actually read their Constitution, to attempt to take away my legal right is to violate the law. To argue for gun control based on the fact that guns can kill is, like I said, defective.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Once again, people hurting people with any thing they can pick up…the ancient human saga repeated again & again and will always be so…knives, bats, forks, bottles, guns, cars, bricks, needles, scissors, rolling pins, frying pans, shoes, umbrellas, etc…

    • Say What

      I would take my chances against a rolling pin over a .357 Mag with a high capacity magazine any day! It is really foolish to think those things you listed are as lethal as guns!

      • Me

        I would say cars are just as lethal if not more lethal than guns, given many people survive gun shot wounds while only a few people can survive being purposely ran over by a car. Not saying that makes guns less dangerous, just stating a fact.

    • Say What

      Me, when was the last time a car was driven through an elementary school killing 20 beautiful little children?

      • Me

        Lol I don’t know and I really don’t care. I’m not speaking of mass murders or shootings, simply making the point that if a person wanted to use a car to kill another person or possibly even some kids (since your argument involves them) then they would be able to. Obviously this is not the way most criminals choose to kill people, however it is very much so an option.

  • Jimmy

    As a democrat I have no problems with the constitution .I, and I’m sure, along with all the men who stormed the beaches on D-day, would agree Nuclear Mike is justified to have his option and I will defend his right to express it, even if its wrong. (before you ask. No I didn’t storm the beach)

  • duh

    I notice how you don’t comment about the violence done by knives. Care to explain why one deadly weapon you are oppesed to but not the other?

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