Birmingham submits bid to host 2016 Democratic National Convention

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BIRMINGHAM (WHNT)- The Democratic National Committee announced Saturday that Birmingham and five other cities had submitted bids to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  The party will nominate its candidate for President at the convention.

In addition to Birmingham, Cleveland, Columbus, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix all submitted bids.

“Hosting a party convention is a true honor and we’re thrilled with all the fantastic options that we have going into the next cycle,” said Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the committee chair. “We look forward to evaluating these bids and selecting a city to host this special gathering of Democrats.”

No major candidates have announced a run for the 2016 Democratic nomination.   There is widespread speculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will throw her had in the ring.

A final decision on the host city is expected later this year or in early 2015.

Four cities are in the running for the 2016 Republican Convention: Cleveland, Dallas, Denver and Kansas City.


  • Jeanne

    I doubt you have to worry, Ivy, the democratic party knows all about people like you and won’t waste their time or money where there are so many like you. They will pick a city/state where the welcome is warmer. It’s a shame that your attitude, and of those like you, fly in the face of the tradition of southern hospitality. Birmingham could use this opportunity to show off nationally what a great place it is.

  • scam

    Oh it will be grand they can say they love Rosa. How they have been held back until Bill Clinton was born and saved the african american reach out tothe working class and “saved” them

  • Say What

    Political conventions generate millions in local revenue. Alabama can not afford to turn away any dollar that might come to the state.

  • Ginger Wilson

    This would be wonderful for our state. It would bring in a huge amount of revenue and possibly change the overwhelmingly negative perception of the state. We are not all Conservatives and some of us actually do embrace change and progress in spite of what you see on the news. We might be the minority but we are tired of our voices not being heard in our state.

  • scam

    Yes it will be wonderful if they chose Alabama. Republicans are not much different. The plus would be they see Alabama as more than a paragraph from a history book and explore the many things it has that are not harmful.

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