Texas Student Not Allowed to Bring Sunscreen

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(CNN) — One Texas parent says her child wasn’t allowed to bring sunscreen to campus, and suffered burns as a consequence.

Parent, Christy Riggs is upset.  Her 10 year old daughter went on a school field trip recently and came back sun burned.  Riggs says Northeast Independent School District  policy didn’t allow her daughter to bring sunscreen to reapply .

Riggs says, “When you have a school field trip or a field day which they’re out there for an extended period of time, they should be allowed to carry sunscreen and reapply.”

Riggs says skin cancer runs in her family. In fact, her father recently passed away from it.  But, Northeast ISD says sunscreen is considered a medication, and needs to have a doctor’s note for children to have sunscreen at school.

NEISD Spokesperson, Aubrey Chancellor said, “- Typically sunscreen is a toxic substance, and we can’t allow toxic things in to be in our schools ”

Chancellor says if parents know their child may be outdoors, they should come to school fully covered in sunscreen.   At this time, she says, sunscreen can’t be brought by students to school campuses.

Chancellor said, “We have to look at the safety of  all of our students and we can’t allow children to share sunscreen they could possibly have an allergic reaction, they could ingest it, it’s really a dangerous situation. ”

Riggs responds, “Where do you draw the line, do we say no hand sanitizer, do we allow to stop school glue? When you have several hundred children on field day being burnt, then you have to ask ourselves what do you want them to be safe or not. ”

Northeast ISD says every year they do review school policies, and they may revisit this policy that deals with sunscreen.  But at this time, unless a child has a doctor’s note, they are not allowed to bring it to school.


  • Holam

    I can’t even think of a way to say how stupid this is. Where is the common sense that used to be in schools??

  • Jay


  • Jane

    This is also the case here in our own north Alabama. My children have not been allowed to carry sunscreen to school for several years now.

  • Bob

    Here we have the liberal takeover of the schools. They have made this country into a bunch of pantywastes.

  • rocketliv

    I think there should always be some room for flexibility. In this case, the child is ten and should have been allowed to reapply sunscreen on a day that in particular she would be outside all day. If it was an issue with daily quick trips outside to play, I could see it saying no. But why not allow her to reapply on a field trip? She could easily have carried a stick in her pocket and put it in her nose and cheeks without drawing too much attention to herself.

  • eurekadog

    “…can’t allow toxic things in to be in our schools”? Yeah, right. Cleaning agents, ink in the white board markers, fluorescent bulbs with mercury(still in many schools), exhaust from the buses lined up next to the schools,….

  • Mallary Bright

    I think this is the craziest and stupid thing i have heard in a while!! KIDS NEED SUNSCREEN!!!! Ever heard of Sun Poison????? I could talk about this all day but i’m sure it wont do any good!!! BUT ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  • Red

    One of the most STUPID things I’ve ever read. I hope the parents of this kid sue these idiots at this school. Sunscreen is toxic? So they are saying that it would be dangerous if the kids ate it? My GOD… how stupid do they think these kids are? How about pencils? Would eating pencils be bad? How about swallowing erasers? Would that be bad?

    Maybe we need a 2nd amendment to allow children to open carry sunscreen? The sunscreen isn’t going to hurt anyone, obviously.

  • Ptolomaeus

    It’s only because the schools are afraid some parent will find an excuse to sue the school district for millions. We live in a culture where everything is a potential lawsuit.Some where in America, a kid decided to taste sun screen, got sick, and the parents sued the school. Ever wonder why blow-dryers have a label telling folks not to use the blow-dryer while taking a shower? Some idiot did it, and sued the manufacturer, or, at least their next of kin did.It’s all CYA, and the schools have caught the bug.

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