Getting Results: Max Fitness Gym Issues Refund to Wrongly Billed Customer

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Earlier this week we told you about yet another complaint against Max Fitness Gym in Decatur. We were told weeks ago by the property owner Tony Burks that two franchise owners left town. Former gym clients though say they were still being charged.

Mary McMillan was one of those customers who just days ago says she was charged almost 50 bucks.We accompanied McMillan inside the gym Thursday after her failed attempts just a day before, hoping our rolling cameras would prevent her from getting the run around again.

A woman inside first hid behind closed doors refusing to identify herself, but finally emerged to hand over membership cancellation forms to McMillan and another customer with the same complaint.

We are happy to report some results for customers. Mary McMillan says she got a call from Max Fitness corporate offices in Georgia confirming her cancellation and promising her a full refund on her credit card.

“I received a fax from Max Fitness at 4:57 p.m. Central Time and I sent the request in at 3:27 p.m. so that was very quick.”

McMillan says she even received a call for Max Fitness headquarters in Columbus, Ga.

“Confirming my membership was canceled and I asked her about the charge and she said, ‘I have already taken care of that and you should receive a refund within 3 to 5 business days,’ so I was extremely happy with that,” smiles McMillan.

Friday we found cars in the Max Fitness parking lot yet again. The question remains – how can a business that once had a tax lien placed on the building and equipment inside, with no running water, roof leaks and possible mold issues – continue to allow people to workout in the facility?

“To me a health club with no running water is a definite health issue,” McMillan furrows. “And I’m just very concerned that someone is going to end up getting hurt or injured or there’s going to be a fire that could affect that whole area down there – it’s a very serious issue for the city , I think,” puzzled McMillan.

Friday we were unable to reach Shane Lindsey who handles environmental inspections for the Morgan County Health Department to ask him about questionable practices at the former Max Fitness building.

We still have questions, but in the meantime, Mary McMillan says she’s glad she won;t have to worry about unauthorized charges any more.

“I am extremely happy and I appreciate WHNT, even doing the follow-ups, I think this is great. It shows that you are really concerned  about the community and not just for a story,” McMillan beamed.


  • Skillpot

    This ‘fitness-gym’ thing keeps popping up all around! Maybe, a requirement be placed on them to have a ‘bond’ to protect those who choose to join?

  • Jeanne

    Am I getting that the customers credit cards were being charged by the gym automatically? If so, good reason to not allow any business the right to do that. I’m amazed how many businesses try to get their sticky hands on our CC numbers.

  • Jeanne

    By the way, this article was difficult to read…little punctuation, odd words. McMillan “furrows”?? Undeveloped subjects, such as there were cars in the lot, did the reporter check to see if people really in there working out or there for another reason? Didn’t any one check the article before putting it out.

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