Athens Police Charge Man With Chemical Endangerment of Child

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Jeremy Dale Adams (Photo: Athens Police Department)

ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Athens Police have charged a man with chemical endangerment of an 8-month-old child.

Police helped the Limestone County Department of Human Resources with an investigation on May 27.  A child was drug tested, and police learned the results of the test on June 4.  The results showed the child tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Police arrested Jeremy Dale Adams on Thursday.  He was booked at the Athens Police Department and later taken to the Limestone County Jail.


  • Salvador Vasquez

    thanks yo ull am away from my kids just becouse i dont have a so call a green card and now they suffer with out me…they cry for me everyday n night wishin i was there for them but how can i when am not welcome there after i was for a longtime ago..since i was a lil kid..

  • Lane

    This is all false statement. This is my baby brother yall are talking about and i know that there was no meth or cocaine in my house at all. The “police” said there was a meth lab there when my house got raided. There really wasnt cause i was there and i would know whats going on. Everything that is being said about Jeremy is a lie. He is a good parent. I know he wouldnt be stupid enough to let his on son do anything like that. And i was tjhere most of the time and i know what ment on in there and i know there was nothing like in my house. Him and my mom both are wonderful parents to my brother. So anybody that is saying that he his a bad father or anything like that dont know what your talking about cause youre not there when it happen. Just because the police said it happen doesnt actually mean it happen. i mean like really do you think i would let anything like that happen to my brother at all. Like common sence would tell me not to let that happen. And I know that didnt happen.

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