Some DeKalb County Roads Closed, Set For Repairs

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Several roads in DeKalb County are in need of repair and have been closed since the April tornadoes, and that has area residents upset.

Road closed.

That's what drivers are met with on County Road 631 near Mentone.

When the severe weather ripped through the area back in April the rain water took its toll and washed part of the road completely away, leaving gaping holes in its place.

"I just looked at it and thought 'oh my. Camp starts and there's no way of getting these busses in except for the back way,'" Resident Henrietta Blevins says.

Blevins has a job shuttling kids back and forth to camps near the Mentone area, but now she's having to take a different route which costs her time and money.

The road is one of several across DeKalb County that were impacted.

County Commissioners say they are waiting for FEMA approval for funds to fix the road and the others just like it.

They say as with all FEMA approvals for funds, all information needs to be processed and inspected before moving forward.

Officials tell us they are working as fast as they can to get it done because they realize the inconvenience it's causing people like Blevins.

"We need help. We need to get this road fixed," Blevins says.

County leaders say they are hoping to fix the roads in a manner so a situation like this one doesn't happen again.


  • Say What

    I always hear the Republican voting people in this area saying how they do not depend on the government. They like to say how self-reliant they are. Now they are waiting around for sugar-daddy FEMA to come to their salvation. People love big government when it does things they like!

  • D C

    Where did anybody mention a political party?

    Just another nonsense rant by a politico troll i suppose.

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