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Sheffield Officer Resigns; Only After Being Reinstated Through Deal

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Former Sheffield Officer Bobby Inman (Courtesy Sheffield Police Department/ Facebook)

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) – Weeks after being suspended from duty on a use of force complaint by the chief of police, a Sheffield officer has turned in his resignation.

In May, Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray suspended then officer Bobby Inman for violating the departments use of force policy during an arrest on March 2nd.

Colbert County attorney Billy Underwood confirmed Thursday negotiations did take place between officer Inman and the city of Sheffield to end the complaint process.

“I don’t think I can say I could win the case, but I don’t think I can tell you I might not lose it. So we entered into an agreement,” stated Underwood.

According to Chief Ray, the officer ,who he will not call by name because of department policy, was reinstated with full powers into the police department.

And then as part of the agreement, Ray said the officer immediately turned in his resignation.

Underwood said the resignation of officer Inman avoids a Civil Service Board hearing by the city of Sheffield.

“We certainly feel like we had enough evidence to prove the complaint I filled against the officer,” explained Ray. “However, by reaching a compromise we have saved the tax payers a good bit of money.”

According to Chief Ray, no civilian complaints have been filed with the department stemming from the arrest on March 2nd.

Underwood stated as part of the agreement between Bobby Inman and the city of Sheffield, Inman will receive pay through June 29th and will be given credit for his accrued vacation days.


  • Michael

    Funny how police talk about saving taxpayer money when it comes to going after bad officers, but say nothing when they waste loads of it on chasing after petty drug offenses.

  • Patty Mayonnaise

    I agree with Michael. Always out to arrest some petty criminal, wasting our tax dollars and prison space on NON VIOLENT offenders. FYI the women’s prison in Alabama runs at a 202% occupancy rate. 48% of people in prisons within the US are their because of NON VIOLENT crimes.

    However, I am glad this case was handled this way. This man is really a decent person, and I’m sure he felt justified in his actions.

  • Chris

    Had nothing to do with saving taxpayers’ money. Had everything to do with saving his career. Now Mr. Inman can go anywhere he’d like and get a job assaulting other city’s residents since he will have zero complaints filed against him with the civil service board and since he left the SPD in good standing.

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