Madison Police Warn Residents of Increase in Vehicle Break-ins

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -  Summer is here and that means people are outdoors much more -- including criminals on the prowl.

The Madison Police Department sent out a warning to say they have noticed an increase in items being stolen out of vehicles in the past few weeks.

Police ask citizens to discourage car burglars by not giving them any reason to target a vehicle.  The way to do that is by removing valuables from vehicles when parked overnight.

Officers also remind residents to lock vehicles.

Nonetheless, criminals are looking for laptop computers, digital cameras, firearms, purses, cell phones, medication and cash.

Also, police are asking residents to protect each other by reporting any strangers seen lingering around vehicles in driveways or apartment complexes during late night or early morning hours.

Finally, police suggest people make a record of serial numbers on electronic items and firearms in the event they are stolen.

Here's a free online service for cataloging serial numbers.

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  • Sue Til

    It would be nice to include the particular areas where the increase in burgularies are occurring. We all know not to leave items in our cars however, I’ve seen cars get broken into and rifled through just because there was a phone charger in the vehicle and some loose change not more than a few dollars. The glass was broken or the locks jammed to gain access and had to be repaired through insurance claims.

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