Madison County Gets New Outdoor Warning Sirens

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EMA official shows scale of new outdoor warning siren going up at Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Five new outdoor warning sirens are now up in Madison County. The sirens were installed at two churches, a volunteer fire department and two elementary schools.

The devices, manufactured by Sentry Siren, Inc. out of Colorado, are a departure from tradition for Madison County. All previous outdoor sirens have been of the rotating variety. However, these are fixed in position. Paige Colburn with Madison County EMA says, “because it’s shaped like a whole lot of megaphones in a circle…they don’t have to rotate.”

The sirens cost about $25,000 each. They were paid for with federal funds provided as a result of the April 2011 tornadoes. EMA officials say the county received post-mitigation funds to aid in preparedness for future disasters.

It took a while for the money to arrive. Now that it has, the EMA is hopeful the sirens will prove beneficial to the communities in which they’re located. The locations were chosen based on population needs. They include:

Lynn Fanning Elementary (Moores Mill Road)

Bethlehem Baptist Church (Elkwood Section Road)

Murphy Hill Baptist Church (Murphy Hill Road)

Owens Cross Roads Volunteer Fire Department (Cave Springs Road)

Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary (Taylor Road)

While they have been installed, the sirens are not yet operational. They must still be wired for electricity. EMA officials expect that process to be finished before the next monthly outdoor warning siren test in July.


  • KB

    Awesome! We should have them everywhere! There is one right down the road from my house and sometimes you can’t hear it.

  • Allen Lineberry

    I wish the county and the city leaders would replace all of the rotating Federal 2001 and Thunderbeam sirens with these new Sentry 20V2T’s sirens. Rotating sirens do not give you a full 360 deg. coverage 100% of the warning time. These new sirens give you full force at all time, which gives you better warning coverage. These new Sentry Sirens are also two tone or dual tone sirens. They sound a high note and low note at the same time, which gives you that unique attention getting scary 1950’s-60’s Civil Defense siren sound. The Federal 2001 and Thunderbeam sirens only sound one note (signal tone), and sound too much like a fire truck.

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