Huntsville Police Arrest Man in May 2013 Murder of 2 Brothers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police have arrested a suspect in the year-old murder of two brothers at a local church.

Louis Anthony Jackson and Terry Bradford Jackson were found dead at the West Huntsville United Methodist Church on 9th Avenue on May 21, 2013.

Police say they received new information earlier this year that led them to identify Richard Burgin, Jr. as a suspect. They said they found evidence that confirmed he is responsible for the crimes, and obtained a warrant charging Burgin with capital murder.

Burgin was already in the custody of the Alabama Department of Corrections.  The Madison County Court ordered him to be brought back here to face the charge.

He was brought to the Huntsville-Madison County Metro Jail on Thursday, and will appear before a judge soon.

WHNT News 19 checked with the Alabama Department of Corrections on Thursday to see why Burgin was in prison.  He had entered state custody for a robbery conviction in September 1998, and was released on parole in November 2010.  However, he violated parole and was returned to state custody in August 2013, according to Kristi Gates, an ADOC spokesperson.

The victims

Terry and Anthony Jackson were stabbed in West Huntsville United Methodist Church as they prepared to open the food pantry.  Pastor Cheryl Blankenship said the two men enjoyed helping with this outreach service every Tuesday.  They truly loved to help people, she said.

"They were the purest form of Christians that I have ever met," said Blankenship. "They were here cleaning the church and then getting ready to open the food pantry."

Terry was 76 and Anthony was 69.  Terry cared for his younger brother, because Anthony had cerebral palsy.   Because of this, he had trouble walking and talking.

"The two didn't have very much at all but anything they had they would share with someone else who needed it," said Blankenship.

"To me they were the epitome of kindness," said church member Linda Claunch.  "Whatever you asked them to do there was no hesitation."

Huntsville Police have not yet released any information about evidence they have connecting Burgin to the crime.


  • Sue

    How sorry can you get to do this? They could not fight him at their ages and him with a knife! Death penalty!!!

    • Sam Spade

      Right give him the death penalty so we will have to support the sorry SOB the rest of his life while he appeals…………might as well give life w/o a chance of parole then put out the word that he is a child molester……be gone in a hurry…………………….

      • kip gambino

        Sam Spade, I worked at a well known prison in Alabama. Trust me, child molesters don’t have it as tough as you think. We need to bring back public hangings like the good ole days. With no waiting around of course!

  • Bob

    Gee, more black crime. If the victim were black, and the perps white, the
    justice brothers would be here protesting.

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