Fla. man paints American flag on home during code enforcement dispute

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BRADENTON, Fla. – A Florida man said he was tired of being hounded by code enforcement over how his house looked, so he decided to give it a makeover — a very patriotic makeover.

Brent Greer says it all started when the city told him to remove an old Christmas tree from the front balcony of his home. From there, he says he got a list of cosmetic items that had to be done to his home to avoid a $250-a-day fine.

Greer says he can’t afford this. He has nine children, seven of which are adopted.

The Greer house in Bradenton

The Greer house in Bradenton

So, he decided to paint the outside of the home like an American flag. He said it may not be what code officers want, but his message is loud and clear.

“To remind the city and all who live here that this is America, this is a free country.”

Greer said he’s not finished. His next step is to paint the Liberty Bell on the second floor. The family faces a hearing with code enforcement later this month.


  • Say What

    Someone needs to send him back to Tea Party basic training. When in distress, you are suppose to paint the flag upside-down!!

    • tim

      Calm down and lay off the Koolaid !! its making you so delusional you are making things up. There is no such thing as tea party basic training. Remember liberalism is a mental disorder…….

    • Frank Burns

      Of course! Like the original Boston Tea Partiers, they are fighting against a government they see as illegitimate. They need to found their own country, call it the “USPA” — United Stupid People of America.

    • Greg

      It may not have cost much money to fix the door, but it could have cost our remaining freedom. Some things are worth more than money.

  • Jennifer Davis Rainey

    Who cares about the tea party Im just tried of not being a live a normal decent life because someone some where has to have a say in it or be in control of something. Look at what he’s doing to help these kids. This town should come together and help him not fine him. Jeez people ease up with the control issues and having all these rules.It’s always someone who is trying to do something that gets picked on.

  • Rose Norris

    If he owns his home, and Its not run down and unsafe and its not trashy. He pays his taxes , why should any city or state be able to tell him how it should look. Leave the man alone and let him take care of his family.

  • cole

    Just another example of government over reach . The house belongs to him and he should be able to do what he wants to it .

  • lotus10

    Personally, I’d love to live next door or across the street from a house painted like the American flag… and I’m not even a Republican lol. I’m a proud American citizen!

  • Roger Moncrief

    People who don’t live in FL have no idea how miserable your life can be made by code enforcement personnel. They are invariably of a fascist disposition, they have practically no supervision and you normally have absolutely no recourse to their decisions. Where I live in NE FL it’s $500 a day administrative fine. They just add it to your utilities bill so if you don’t pay it they will shut off your electric and water.

    It used to be that a complaint was required but they changed here that so that any code enforcement fascist driving around can cite anything they see that they don’t like. I seriously doubt, for example, that there is a code that addresses that guy’s old Christmas tree. It’s just a judgement call on the part of the officer. A lawyer won’t do you any good. Reading whatever code publication might be available is useless. They’re written in such vague, general language that anything or everything can be a violation. Grass too long? VIOLATION! Trees not trimmed? VIOLATION! Kid’s bike laying in front yard? VIOLATION!

    Where my aunt lives in Marietta OH they are just now adopting a code. It includes a requirement to shovel snow from your sidewalk. Seems reasonable enough until realize my aunt and many other folks in Marietta OH are in their ’80s and ’90s. None can afford a fine and none will be physically fit enough to go shoveling snow in January. I think the entire code enforcement concept was dreamed up by someone who was a former SS officer in Nazi Germany.

    • Carolyn Pinchon

      It’s not just Florida, I live in Huntsville Alabama, and I was cited a fews years ago because my 10×10 roof of my storage house in my back yard had rusted, I was given 30 day to paint it or pay a fine, and that wasn’t all the truss at my back door needed replacing, and privacy fence had 3 or 4 boards that need fixing. They had to come in my back yard to see all of this.

    • Roger Moncrief

      Sorry Johnny, there is no court case anymore than you can take the Queen of England to court. It seems unbelievable talking about it here but they have some sort of exemption from lawsuits. No cop will arrest them either. You would think that such things as search warrants would be required but they aren’t. They have more power than any law enforcement officer. None of them are trained either. They’re just a pack of fascists running around enjoying themselves by making other folks miserable while enjoying immunity themselves. Everything is at their own personal discretion.

  • Juan

    “say what” must b bending over for prince “Harry” reid w/ obumma on the other end. Liberals are ALL worthless and need to go live in Afghanistan with the rest of the TRASH!!!

  • TruthLivesHere

    @ Say What. You obamunists love to bring up the Koch brothers. But not one of you ever mention the name George Soros. You ever heard of him? I know your socialist savior Barry O. has.

    • Say What

      Soros does everything in the light of day. That is why you know about his activities. The Koch brothers does what they do in secret. Only now, the Democrats are shining a light on their activities. It is becoming clear that the “grass roots” tea party movement was fully funded by the Koch brothers.

      As a liberal, I am proud to identify with George Soros. Can you say that you are proud to be with the Koch brothers?

      • TruthLivesHere

        I would vote for either one of the Koch brothers if they ran for president. Does that answer your question?

  • Katie Anthony

    i think this house is very beautiful and i get so tierd of all the one say you can’t do this or ever talk a bout the lord .how do that think we feel about the thing that they say when they use the lord name in vain.i think they need to leave the family along.

  • Beverly A. Vargas-Lance

    I just saw a picture of his house and I think it looks GREAT … I live in South Florida and if I knew of someone that could paint the front of my house to look that well, believe me I would have it painted the same way and DARE some code enforcement whomever to come by and tell me they are going to fine me for doing it. YEA RIGHT !!!!! He doesn’t live where there is an HOA…. So that man can do whatever he darn well pleases with his own home at any time… As long as he is not neglecting those children that he is caring for LEAVE HIM ALONE !!!!! Move to someone who REALLY needs to be fined…..

    Brent would love to see pictures once you finish with the Liberty Bell….I bet your house will look AWESOME !!!!! I would drive up to Bradenton just to see your lovely home .. God Bless You and Your Family !!!!

  • Vernon

    Remember the Andy Griffith episode where the men helped paint the old mans house because he couldn’t afford to? What a shame that Americans won’t help each other out anymore because they are too busy playing the blame game. Damn politicians-Republicans AND Democrats.

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