Hospital: 1 Dead, 3 Wounded in Shooting at Seattle College Campus

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SEATTLE, Wash. (CNN) — A gunman opened fired Thursday at Seattle Pacific University, killing one and wounding four others  before faculty and staff disarmed him, the Seattle Police Department said.

One person has died in the campus shooting at Seattle Pacific University, according to Susan Gregg, a spokeswoman for Harborview Medical Center.

The gunman was reloading when the staff stopped him, police reported on the department’s official Twitter account.

The accused shooter, whose identity was not immediately released, is in custody, and no outstanding suspects are being sought, police said.

At least two people — one man and one woman — suffered life-threatening injuries, police said. Another man and woman were in stable condition, they said.

The shooting began inside Otto Miller Hall, which houses the university’s science, math and engineering departments.

The school was locked down during the shooting, and it was lifted after police cleared all the buildings on the campus.

Seattle Pacific is a Christian university with a student population of 4,270. It is located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.


  • Michael

    No need to abolish it. Government will eventually find a way to gut it like they already have the Fourth Amendment.

  • Neal Haralson

    Fortunately, those with a modicum of intelligence will wait to see what the contributing factors are before attacking our constitution, Good to see that there continue to be “quick to judge” fools who jump on the anti-gun bandwagon without knowing the whole story – as long as there are these idiots, it just helps folks to see how ignorant that side truly are.

  • Terell

    You can make anything illegal. It doesn’t mean it will go away. A human being with intent to do harm, will do harm. If we ban weapons, the only people without weapons will be law abiding citizens.

  • Juan

    wakeup (say what, James) is a low life Lib doing the bidding of his “Pappy” Obumma. He can’t think for himself. A mere Puppet on Harry’s & Barry’s string!!!

    • Me

      Glad to see your finally admitting to your continued bs, kinda sad multiple names are needed so that more than just one “person” can spread the lies.

    • Say What

      Me, it is you that is using multiple names. You must be admitting to your own activities. I only use one screen name — Say What. You are delusional to think I am the only one that thinks more clearly than you. There are others!

  • Me

    I absolutely do not use more than one screen name. It would seem that given the fact that Alabama is very much so a republican state that only a few liberals would be posting on this website and often a post from your “1” user name is followed by another username (shockingly the same people of course) blowing steam up your rear! We all know that wake up, say what, James, and quite possibly Paul are the same person. Wake up mysteriously disappeared a few months back and you sure were quick to follow with the same type comments. Pretty sure it is the same old (70s) retired soldier (ya right) sitting on their butt encouraging diversity and handouts…but hey everyone c

      • Me

        Forgot one last detail… Wake up said he was a community organizer, not that anyone beloved him but let’s add that to your info for old times sake. What a joke you are…

    • Say What

      Alabama is changing right under your nose! There are more and more people seeing the hypocrisy of the Republicans now that they have a legislative record.

  • Say What

    In this case, a good guy without a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. Will the NRA highlight this example in their magazine? I doubt it since it does not support their ideology!!

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