Sonny Tibbs Waives Arraignment Hearing, Jury Trial Set

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT ) – One of two Vina teachers accused of having a sexual relationship with a student has waived his arraignment hearing and will go to jury trial.

Sonny Tibbs was arrested in November 2013 on accusations of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student from Vina High School.

Tibbs has waived his arraignment hearing and will proceed to a jury trial on August 18 in Judge Terry Dempsey’s courtroom.

Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said Tibbs confessed to the relationship to investigators shortly after he was arrested.

Tibbs was a Vina High School teacher and coach for 9 years, but was employed at Vina Elementary School as a P.E. coach at the time of his arrest.

He is charged with three counts of a school employee having sexual intercourse with a student under 19.

Shortly after Tibbs was arrested, A second Vina High school coach was charged with being a school employee engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19.

Boys’ basketball coach Brian Scott Keeton just five days after Tibbs. Keeton is accused of having sex with a different 17-year-old student.


  • Beverly Vargas Lance

    Weren’t these teachers ever checked out from previous employers? I am sure they have done this before,just maybe haven’t gotten caughtor maybe just transferred outwith nothing being said or done…what a total shamewhat these poor children have to go through,from those scumbag predators.

    • Michael

      If they weren’t caught, what was a background check supposed to reveal?

      Not implying anything. He’s innocent until proven guilty in the court, but I’m sure the schools did everything in their power to check him thoroughly..

      • Red

        “Why was there no background check” is a common comment. People want to post… they have nothing really to say… most likely, they didnt even read the article. Or some folks probably think a background check comes with a polygraph that includes questions like…”Are you a sexual predator?”

        I remember being in High School. Some kids are willing to get involved like this, and that means that the adults have to be adults. No doubt that is very difficult sometimes. Some teenagers are also very prone to extremely risky behavior of all kinds, but that is exactly why the adults need to be trustworthy.

    • Red

      Beverly, how are you “sure” he did this kind of thing before? You DO realize that there must be a first time for everything… right? You may be right, of course. But I am just pointing out that you are NOT sure of what you said. You just think you are. That’s a common mistake that most people (who post on these things) seem to make.

  • KB

    I agree with you Red, sure, the 17 yr. old invovled is just as guilty but the adult knew better and shouldn’t have let it go this far. I’m not saying the 17 yr. old was the initiator but like Red said, we were all in high school once and there were the ones that got involved with teachers, coaches, ect. The point is, that Tibbs should not have done this.

  • Beverly Jones

    I pray the jury shows these two disgusting so called men that they cannot take what is not theirs – I know Sonny has a wife that gave him the same results the young girl gave – Stop the molesting of students – teach morals not sin!

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