New retail development with Cabela’s to be built near Bridge Street

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Map showing where Cabela's will be built, just south of Old Madison Pike along Governors Drive West.

Map showing where Cabela’s will be built, just near the intersection of Old Madison Pike and Governors West.  Click image to see larger version. (Rendering provided by the City of Huntsville)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Cabela’s Incorporated announced plans to open its first Alabama store.  Cabela’s is a retailer focusing on hunting, fishing and outdoor gear.

Wednesday afternoon, city leaders described the store as “new,” “major” and “a catalyst for things to come.”  It’s the company’s first store in Alabama, and it will be located in the new Parkside Town Centre development to be built near Bridge Street Town Centre.

Specifically, Parkside is just off Governors West, south of Old Madison Pike near Interstate 565 and Research Park Boulevard.

Shane Davis, Huntsville’s Director of Urban Development, says this is a great location.

“Once complete, Parkside Town Centre will have 300,000 square feet of additional retail to complement Bridge Street,” said Davis.  “As you’re aware, our Research Park is the second largest in the U.S., fourth largest in the world, so it is key that we keep that vibrant.”

Cabela’s will be 80,000 square feet and is expected to employ 180 people.  The store will also include an indoor archery range and archery tech room, gun library, deli and fudge shop.

For Huntsville, it’s another valuable source of revenue.

“Fifty-three percent of our dollars as revenue come into the City of Huntsville through sales tax and by adding these retailers to our portfolio, we end up with a larger sales tax and that larger sales tax means we can do infrastructure,” said Mayor Tommy Battle.

Site prep work should begin in the next 60 to 90 days.  Cabela’s plans to start construction right after that.  The goal is the open the store by the fall of 2015.

Cabela’s also announced plans to open stores in Oklahoma City, Okla. and Woodbury, N.Y.


  • Laura Malone

    OMG! I can not wait for this I would so love to work there and so would my boyfriend This is going to help a lot of people in the Tennessee Valley

  • Say What

    Now we will see a Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop war! How many outdoor stores (Dick’s, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, the one at the Bridge Street Mall, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop) can this area support?

    • BM

      $15/hr for quasi-skilled workforce sounds pretty good. Good retirment job so that someone younger can have my slot in industry. If you think Dick’s, Bridgestreet or Academy are real outdoors stores, you’re not an outdoors type.

    • Branko Pezdi

      The area will support whatever the free market supports. I know you totalitarian types hate the concept but duh.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Gander Mtn has seen its’ annual sales drop to 50% less than their first two years open here. Just breaking even now like Dick’s Sporting.

    Since no local government official took credit for this new Cabela’s store then there were no deals made and Cabela’s is in control of their investment. Had there been a deal then the politicans would have plastered it all over the news for the elections that just happened.

    Maybe Cabela’s will allow their employees to work more than 25 hours a week than like Gander Mtn & Dicks…

    These jobs will pay the same as Remington’s jobs will…less than $15/hr.

    • Say What

      Not all taxpayer giveaways are announced. If they announced all of them the taxpayers would realize just what is really going on with corporate wealthfare. Republicans pick and choose the winners and losers by how they give taxpayer money to one company and than give more taxpayer money to their competitors later down the road!

      • Branko Pezdi

        So you’re saying Democrat politicians don’t practice corporatism/fascism?? You’re really behind the moon! [roll eyes]

      • Jimmy

        @Branko Pezdi , Not saying that ,but when you live in a county and state that is totally controlled by republicans , You have to wonder where the republicans were. You don’t have to look far to see who was in control and its not the democrats. You can hang a lot on the democrats but you cant hang all the feel good laws that the republicans have been passing and cost the state millions to defending in court and to all be struck down.

    • Pete

      Wht would a retail store pay more than $15? How much education and talent does it take to stock shelves and fold clothes?

  • Jim Norton

    Good job Huntsville ! Would not be surprised if Bass Pro pulls there idea out of locating at I65 and 565 location.

    • Pete

      Exactly. People from Huntsville MAY have traveled to Decatur to get to Bass Pro, but will be less likely now when they can skip on over to Cabelas.

  • Don

    I am saddened by the negatives comments regarding economic growth…the city I relocated from in Arizona was definitely not pro-growth or pro-business (Democratic mayor and council), so to see businesses relocate here is a plus. The fact that businesses want to come here is a plus..and we don’t have control over the salaries. Finally, I had to drive over 2 hours to get to a Cabela’s in AZ…so I’ll check them out and give them the benefit of the doubt whether it’s a plus or a negative.

  • Tim

    People will STILL travel from Huntsville to Decatur for Bass Pro Shop. Have you ever bought anything from Cabela’s?? They’re both great stores, but I prefer BPS over Cabela’s any day.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Why did not the Mayors of Madison & Huntsville along with the Commissioners not take credit???

    Seems some business functions just fine without all the political strings attached!

  • KB

    If you’ve never been in Cabella’s let me tell you its awesome! The first one I visited was in Phoenix, AZ and it was immense! Also had a fake mountain setup with animals perched everywhere! Glad more jobs are coming to the area!

  • Bill

    I don’t see Republicans releasing terrorist. I don’t see Republicans totally ignoring Constitutional Law. I don’t see Republicans passing a law and then ignoring it just because they feel no one will push the issue. I don’t see Republicans having idots go on Sunday talk shows and lie to the American people. I don’t see Republicans holding press conferences at the WH and recognizing a DESERTER as a hero.
    Do I need to go on?

  • Lori Maghan

    how is this a great location? it’s right next to a daycare and school and across the street from a hotel. it’s on a corner where there is no light and you have traffic flying down governors west. great for the jobs, but i think it’s a terribly planned spot.

  • J.d. Welch

    I would pass by 100 bass pro shops who rely on political welfare to build for one visit at a cabelas… Huntsville you are full of good surprises. Say good by to bass pro plans and gander mountain

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