Vote Fails to Legalize Alcohol Sales in Trinity

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  • Paul Leeman

    Lol meanwhile this county still votes in the Stone Age. Maybe they will also vote for faster horse paths, better book learnin in school…. You know what Nevermind, keep your religion off me. Don’t tread on me

  • American

    Way to go Trinity . ” Win is a Moker and strong drink raging and whosoever be decieved thereby s not wise” King James Bible ……..

    • Christopher

      It says, “Wine is a mocker,” not “Win is a Moker.” However, wine is only a mocker if you drink it to get inebriated…

  • Jeanne

    And yet, Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. Plus, the bible story said, it was better wine than previously served. The sin isn’t drinking wine, the sin is the one of gluttony, drinking too much wine just as if you ate so much food you got sick. Gluttony. . By the way, how many of these anti alcohol voters smoke? Best not to legislate personal about big government!


    glad they didnt vote yes..we keep the money in decatur.They still drive 1 mile or less to get beer ..thanks our schools need the money.

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