Stacy George: “We will pull Bentley into a runoff if I don’t beat him outright”

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Stacy George

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Stacy George wants a key to the Governor’s Mansion. George doesn’t have the budget or name recognition like others candidates, but believes he can win.

Let George do it his way.

“This is it. This right here is what’s going to pull Robert Bentley into a runoff. We will pull Bentley into a runoff if I don’t beat him outright,” George said on Tuesday.

George’s way grew from the inside of a grocery store. Most people get food, pick up seeds to plant or find the right tomato there.  George says he uses the place to build a strategy.

“Our strategy is to hit the Republican areas where the ballots have contested areas,” added George.

The Republican, who’s proud of wearing guns and ‘Stacy George for Governor’ swag, says he’s changing minds all over the state.

“I went from east to west because that’s the way God works. He works east to west. I pull into the counties where there are contested primaries and I have concentrated in those areas,” added George.

Each campaign trip ends in Huntsville. His advertising dollars go elsewhere.

“Let me tell you what, people are messed up. They’ve really missed this whole thing. They’ve never really looked at how much money I have raised,” added George.

George is aware of his strategy. He’s talked about his image. You might ask, “Why George would put his headquarters inside a grocery store?”

“It’s because this is the center of my county commission district. When I was county commissioner, I moved everybody on the mountain, before I left office, from voting on the mountain. It’s the biggest box in my district,” added George.

George wants to bring a lottery to Alabama and protect the Second Amendment.


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