Primary Elections Off to Smooth Start in Madison County

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – As polls opened across Alabama for primary elections, poll workers prepared for what Madison County Elections Administrator Frank Barger calls “hiccups,” adding as an example, “lights that aren’t on in a church gymnasium that we’re voting in.”

Fortunately, Barger says that kind of issue was the extent of problems in Madison County for the first half of Tuesday. He tells WHNT News 19, “those simple kinds of things we’ve encountered this morning, but so far, it’s a status quo day and things are operating well.”

Barger also says voter photo identification requirements don’t seem to be causing as much trouble as anticipated. However, he does think it will be more of an issue during November’s general election, when turnout is higher.

Anyone who suspects a problem of voter fraud or other violation of election law should call  1-800-274-VOTE.