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Griffith Wins Democratic Race for Governor, Pushes Medicaid Expansion & Lottery

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Parker Griffith is back in the political spotlight after winning the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Griffith spoke to supporters as he accepted the party's nomination for governor, beating Kevin Bass.  Griffith quickly came out swinging at Governor Robert Bentley.

"We're going to lose 500 Alabamians this year because Governor Bentley is scared of the TEA Party," said Griffith, criticizing Bentley's refusal to expand Medicaid in the state.

Griffith says his two main platforms are expanding Medicaid and creating an education lottery.

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  • Miss Trees

    I can’t believe ANYONE would vote for this clown! How is it he supports Democrat ideas like expanding Medicaid and passing a lottery when he couldn’t wait to be a US Congressman and flip to the Republicans?! He is a complete J O K E! He just wants to be in office, A N Y office and ANY Party! Do people realize you can LIVE off your donations and call them expenses?? This is what he and other professional candidates do. He is a fool and made Alabama look foolish but if people are still voting for him, I guess he is smarter than the voters.

  • Jody McDonald

    well, ut’ll be hard to flush him when the commode is stopped up with the other turd that’s already there.

  • Irving Carl Bedingfield

    I think he needs our support, he’s the last of the Blue Dog Democrats, he changed parties when he left Washington because he could not stomach the far left fringe of the party that was in Washington, maybe not the wisest move,it backfired on him, but he is telling the truth about Bentley and the Government we have now in Alabama, we need to support him.

  • Irving Carl Bedingfield

    We are losing good paying Union jobs here in Alabama and it is done with the blessings of our Government in Montgomery, We need to support Parker Griffith, if you are a working man we have no other choice.

  • Branko Pezdi

    With apologies to the honorable members of the reptile class living in the wild, Griffith is a slimy, unprincipled snake, greedy for political power, with a cancerous bloated ego craving adulation. Fortunately, most Alabamians possess decency and common sense and will never allow this lowlife to get anywhere near the governor’s mansion.

  • tim

    I would not be ok with an expansion of government ( medicaid ). This guy is a joke , you can see right through him and if you can’t you’re blind. He is for big government which = higher taxes, more corruption ect… We wouldn’t need an education lottery if the state would properly fund the schools. The state is already bleeding families dry with 5% income tax with ridiculously low exemptions and deductions. Forget about expanding government its a short term fix with long term consequences. This guy makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I wouldn’t even waste a flush on this guy…..

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