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Griffith Hopeful About Chances of Winning Democratic Nomination for Governor

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Dr. Parker Griffith prepares to vote on June 3 at First Baptist Church in Huntsville. (WHNT News 19)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Governor Robert Bentley could face off against a familiar face here in the Tennessee Valley.

Former Congressman Parker Griffith headlines the Democratic gubernatorial ticket, taking on Kevin Bass.

Dr. Griffith got his voting out of the way early Tuesday at Huntsville’s First Baptist Church.  He walked in with his wife Virginia and took time to shake a hand or two, but the candidate’s voting went about like everyone else’s.

There were certainly no crowds when he showed up, and there weren’t really crowds to be found at any polling site today.

Griffith did say the light turnout, and possible Democratic crossover to the Republican primary is a bit of a concern.

“We worked hard. We’ve been all over the state. We’ve seen thousands of people. They understand what our platform says. They know what the choice is, and hopefully we’ll be victorious. But we won’t know till the votes are counted,” said Griffith.

Griffith is waiting on the polls to close just like everyone else.  He didn’t do much political work today — he said he was pretty much spending the day working on business matters.

That’s not to say Griffith isn’t excited about the issues.  He’ll tell anyone who wants to know that he thinks the issues he’s running on — the expansion of Medicaid and an education lottery.

He says he looks forward to facing the Republican candidate — who he said he assumes will be incumbent Robert Bentley.


  • Michael

    This Democratic race for Governor is like watching one of those play-in games to get into the March Madness tournament as a #16 seed. It’s not going to matter.

  • tim

    This guy is a joke. He is whatever party you want him to be. No morals, integrity ect… in my opinion ! typical politician… makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up…

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