Waiting List To Recycle In Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The city of Florence is facing an issue that only residents can help resolve. Last year, the city applied for an environmental management recycle grant. The grant allowed the city to purchase new sixty-four gallon blue recycling carts.

Suan Gillion says she waited half a year for a cart. It's made her life easier, but that's not the case for every Florence resident.

"For now it's a first come first serve basis with a wait list. So we have two hundred people on the wait list, so we are asking residents who do not want their carts that they have been given or not using it to call us. We will come back and pick it up and give it to a resident on the list,” said Outreach Coordinator Rachel Manselle.

The city says there are seventeen thousand residents in Florence, and due to limited carts only limited houses got them. But for the time being, they're trying to make it simple for active recyclers, like Susan Gillion, to recycle.

"It's actually very handy. It's just as simple as carrying your own trash out you just have to separate cans and the wheel very easily to the curve,” Gillion.

The city will apply for another grant in order to purchase sixteen hundred more blue carts.