Remington Now Looking for Maintenance and Production Team Members

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s time to start updating your resume. AIDT is now accepting applications for a Pre-Employment Training program for The Remington Outdoor Company in Huntsville.

The United States’ oldest manufacturer of firearms will soon add a facility in Huntsville, bringing more than 2,000 jobs over the next decade. Candidates can apply to positions at selected for employment with Remington Outdoor Company through the pre-employment training program will be eligible for ROC group benefits including health, dental, vision, life/AD&D, 401k, tuition reimbursement, FSAs, etc. Only those candidates who apply to positions at will be considered. In-person, emailed, or mailed resumes will not be accepted.

Here is the information you need to know from Alabama Industrial Development Training:

Production Team Member (Machine Operator)
Average Starting Pay Rate: $12.50/hr

The Machine Operator will maintain multiple CNC machines at maximum production levels while adhering to quality and safety standards. The individual in this position will facilitate and carry out tool changes, tool build up, machining and offset correct as necessary.

Production Team Member (Assembly Operator)
Average Starting Pay Rate: $11.50/hr 

The Assembly Operator will inspect, assemble, and pack firearms in accordance with written process records. The Assembly Operator will perform in accordance with all quality and safety standards.

Production Team Member (Team Leader)
Average Starting Pay Rate: $15.50/hr

A Team Leader manages day-to-day assignments of Production Team members. They are instrumental in driving continuous improvement activities, employee development plans, and executing production requirements.

Production Team Member (Maintenance Tech)
Average Starting Pay Rate: $14.00/hr

The Maintenance Technician will support day-to-day operations through preventive maintenance on equipment while adhering to quality and safety standards. Must be customer service oriented and responsive to equipment maintenance.

Production Team Member (Quality Inspector)
Average Staring Pay Rate: $13.00/hr

While adhering to quality and safety standards, the Quality Inspector will execute inspection plans, select samples, perform audits, and train others in gage usage. Other duties as assigned will include updating various reports and charts and posting to various communication checkpoints through the plant.

Production Team Member (Materials Handler)
Average Starting Pay Rate: $11.50/hr

The Materials Handler, acting in accordance with quality and safety standards, supports operations teams through the movement of material to or from work areas. Other duties as assigned are not limited to material handling and will be determined by a Group Leader.

*The Average Starting Pay Rate is prospective based on experience. Individual starting pay will be based on candidate’s skills and experience.

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  • Payup!

    Just FYI none of those salaries equal $40000 plus like Remington and the City of Huntsville Promoted. #slavelabor #fail


      They probably included OT pay……I’m sure there will be plenty of it available with this being a new operation and all…..

    • Payup!

      No I am pretty sure that Remington is a solid supporter of the NRA and is doing business in a RED state. The bait and switch is coming from the right. You will get what you pay for.

    • Say What

      That is why they come to Alabama — for the taxpayer giveaways and the cheap (non-union) labor.

    • Say What

      That is why they come to Alabama — for the taxpayer giveaways and the cheap (non-union) labor.

  • Gary Taber

    They are HIGHER than Wal-Mart. They are the AVERAGE starting wage. You will need to prove your are worth more to get more $$. Pretty sure Remington pays according to a “merit” system. Those who can prove their worth will get paid more, those who don’t will leave or get canned.

  • Concerned

    Those that can’t obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance will be canned as well!!! Not worth the pay!!

  • Kong

    Very dissatisfied, that is half of what I get paid for comparable work . I was looking forward to joining their team but it looks as if they are throwing crumbs to the peasants. This is not anywhere near the pay I thought it would be. The temps. where I work at start at that pay. Oh well guess I will just stay where I’m at then.Good luck to those who apply.

  • Jodi Collins

    I think that what all of you are not paying attention to is the incentive package. It is a good starting wage but I bet it will increase if you put your money where your mouth is. But the incentive package is worth more that $23.00 per hour.

  • Nuclear Mike

    This is just another dissappointment from al the political hype that the City & County & State officials call a “victory”.

  • Chris

    just like some uneducated folks, criticize, criticize and criticize before the plant even gets here and has a chance to make mistakes or do the right thing. Union or Non-union, are they not bringing much needed jobs here? Jobs that will offer full benefits. If you dont want the job then dont apply, stay at home and collect welfare or whatever it is you people do.

  • Nuclear Mike

    “Seattle’s city council on Monday unanimously approved an increase in the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, making it the nation’s highest by far.”
    Remington is a minimum wage employer at best now….

  • John

    It should be noted that these are starting positions and pay for individuals with little to no experiance. It has also been found that most complaints about pay come from those individuals that want to do as little as possible and get paid like they are doing it all.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The City “Father’s” sales pitch is not in tune with their promises verse the reality of the Remington Deal…

  • Dee

    I would think that they would pay equal to some other big name companies in Huntsville. Especially with all of the media attention they received.

    • Nuclear Mike

      Remington was is/was using Huntsville to lever a better postion for themselves in New York…that is all…with 10 years to ‘complete’ the deal here you will see it fade away under other pretenses.

    • CBC

      These are common labor jobs, I’m sure jobs requiring more education and experience pay more. That’s generally how that works.

  • globeflyer

    NEWS FLASH! The last line of the story looks like this: “*The Average Starting Pay Rate is prospective based on experience. Individual starting pay will be based on candidate’s skills and experience.”

    Call me old-fashioned, but if I didn’t have a job and didn’t want to be a Government-fed leech, I might consider these jobs! Some of the comments on here sound like something an (unemployed) spoiled brat might say, but then, maybe people don’t have much pride anymore. Hint: If you don’t want one of these jobs, don’t apply. I’m sure they won’t call you.

    • Peter Griffin

      Exactly. These are pay rates for people with little to no experience i.e. recent high school graduates. For having no experience for semi-technical jobs, those rates are pretty good. A middle aged person with many years of experience in a similar type job will probably start out 50% higher than what is listed (so maybe closer to $20+/hour). I am 4 years removed from college and have worked for the same company since graduating and my salary is 27% higher than when I was a new hire.

  • CBC

    Minimum pay for minimum experience; why do all these people want something for nothing. You can live on $11.50 an hour. If you have 3 kids, well kids are optional and you should have been more responsible.

    • globeflyer

      If you have a 401K, you better hope these companies keep churning out profits. If not, you should check your watch. You may be late for your OWS meeting.

  • Angi

    If you visit the application link, it takes you to AIDT website. AIDT provides free training for applicants, in order to better prepare them for the job market. They even offer an interview class, to “brush up” your interview skills ahead of time. This seems to speak to those that would be considered entry level. They are offering FREE training for those that might not otherwise have an opportunity to enter the industry. And right now, you can only apply through this website. Seems to me that they are trying offer opportunities. You typically build a house from the ground up. These positions are the foundation. But perhaps I am misreading it.

  • Lisa

    After reading all these negative comments, I just have to ask – when and where can you start a job getting top pay? You ALWAYS start at the bottom and work your way up. Stop being so entitled and try putting some effort into your life. These are entry level jobs and do not pay top wage unless you earn it. When you start at McD’s or Wally World you start at the bottom and work your way up. It’s the American Way and you should be proud instead of feeling as if the world owes you.

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