State Senate Candidate Explains Idea Behind Photo of Kids Holding Guns

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Kids holding guns - that's what voters are seeing when they open their mailboxes and pull out a flyer in support of Jonathan Berryhill's run for Senate. The picture is making the rounds on social media.

Jonathan Berryhill Mailer

It features the conservative candidate with his wife and six kids on their farm holding a slew of guns. Berryhill, his wife, and two oldest children are holding real guns. The next two boys have pellet guns and of the two babies in the family, the youngest son held his hands behind his back while little Millie held a play gun.

The photo is spreading like wildfire on the internet, but Berryhill said most of the feedback he's getting is positive. The family loves being outdoors and hunting and he said the portrait is meant to show voters what his family stands for.

"We love the Lord, we could have all been holding a Bible, we love to fish, we could have all been holding a fishing rod, we love to hunt, we love our firearms," said Berryhill.

Berryhill lives with his wife and six kids on almost 100 acres of land in Lauderdale County. "We were doing family portraits and just thought it would be funny to grab a gun, of course not the young ones," he said. "The young ones had play guns so we took a family portrait of it and my media guy put it on Facebook and it went crazy."

Berryhill teaches his children about the great outdoors when they're young. When they turn 5 or 6, he lets them go hunting with him. "Usually around the age of 10 or 11 years old, while we're with them they can hold a gun, you wouldn't have seen a picture of them holding firearms without adult supervision."

Twelve-year-old Levi worked with his dad during target practice this weekend. "That's where you're going to shoot, ok?" Berryhill pointed at an open spot in the cow pasture for Levi to aim.

"Alright, everybody cover your ears -- it's going to be loud," he said. Levi pulled the trigger and fired a shot into the distance. "There you go, good shot," said Berryhill as he patted his son on the back.

Berryhill told WHNT News 19 he's glad the photo shows what his family is all about and he wants voters to see firsthand that he supports the Second Amendment. "Just like a baseball bat, a football and stuff like that, it's just part of life especially here in Alabama."

Berryhill is a former Army sergeant and a former police officer. He also spent time working for the Alabama Department of Conservation.


  • Bill Brownie

    How can someone love a gun? I understand loving to hunt, skeet shooting, etc but saying you love guns. That comes across to be as unreasl.

    • Angela Baker

      Unreal? You must not know a lot of people who own guns. I know quite a number of people who love guns just like people who love cars or shoes. So yes, it real.

    • plowboysghost

      The gun IS a symbol of Liberty. Simple as that. My five sons (12-23 years old) and all own guns. Those that are old enough, carry handguns as well. I pray that they forever exercise their Rights and provide for their families’ needs and security.

      That is the Right and the qualities of a free people.

      • plowboysghost

        Bob, that would be the sword and the bow…..and before you ask about farther back, whatever a weapon to defend one’s self was in each time period.

        Thanks for asking.

      • Jimmy

        Image what we and the world could accomplish if it were “knowledge” that was the symbol of freedom !!

  • Angela Baker

    I know this family. They are a very loving family. I really wish people would focus on the political issues he stands for instead of a picture. This is not the only picture of people or kids holding guns, of people living on a farm, hunting, fishing and ect. Check out his website and see what he is willing
    To stand for for the voters.

    • Jeanne

      HE is the guy who made the subject of guns the center of his campaign. Personally the idea of arming small children is abhorrent. How many children are shot every year by mishandling guns? The parents always say they are completely in control until the kid sneaks the gun and shoots someone…or himself. I wouldn’t vote for this dumb thinking red neck if he was the only one on the ballot.

  • Bill Brownie

    You are right. Unfortuantly the love of material possessions is real. The reason everyone is focusing on the photo is because Berry hill mailed everyone a copy.

    • Angela Baker

      Not everyone got that picture. Different ones were mailed out. This is the one that got attention.

    • daisy mae

      That’s a lie ! Bill know your facts before you pst them… That’s a lie and you should know the truth befor you post and cririze someone..have you checked out the opponents dig deep find the real facts,, and again do you own a gun…,Lie or Truth…

  • John Doe

    I’d vote for the guy. Only a media & government school brainwashed buffoon would get all bent out of shape over the picture.

  • Red

    Simply put, “the gun” has become a symbol for so-called conservatives, to separate them from “liberals”, democrats, pansies, global-warming believers and people who think that gay people are people like the rest of us. They have claimed God as their symbol as well as the flag, even though most of us love our country and have faith in God. The gun is nothing to them but a symbol that they think will buy them votes. Of course, to other people, the gun means a few more things. I have a gun. But I would never let my child hold it for a photo, loaded or unloaded, for any reason.

    The foolishness isn’t even hidden anymore. The reason is, they understand that sublety would go over the heads of the majority of the simple individuals they want to reach. “Just like a baseball bat or a football and stuff.”

    • daisy mae

      you are crazy..teach your children real life…dont wait until raggedy has peole need a life…pity your wives for having to deal with men lie you…wimps..

    • bamarptr

      Rather the kids hold and learn about guns properly more than the trash Common Core books coming out in the public schools. I learned to shoot a .22 when I was 8 years old. Glad my father taught us how to handle and respect guns. Thank you, Jonathan, for taking a stand!!

      • daisy mae

        Amen about the Common Core brother…let’s be Real.. stop being 2 faced..just about everybody we know has at lease 2 guns…get real ..that’s what’s wrong now in our government ..everybody being a 2 faced back stabbing politician ..Let’s elect real men and women June 3rd,, use your Christian Conservative/ Pro Life choice endorsed candidates…they have been screened..our country was founded on God and his principals,,,kids were taught at a very young age to hunt for food for families to survive..stop being judge the word of God and choose your canidate by his platform not by a pic..Im sure we all have a photo around that we dont want others to see ,,and why not,,,go on his page ..look at his platform for honesty not phony rich people who sell out when they get to montgomery ,,God Bless and God Bless our state odf Alabama…and our country…think before judging…

      • Jimmy

        daisy mae , do the words “separation of church and state mean anything to you? Have you ever heard the phrase anywhere before?

      • daisy mae

        yea Common Core asking your 6th graders about their sexual experiences…and what all to it fun .did you enjoy itdou you had awkward feelings …not for my kids…I will home school..

  • Jimmy

    Question: Can you tell me how many guns God owned and for that matter how many did Jesus own ? Bonus points if you can name the calibers. Second question: which one said “Thou shall not kill”.

    • daisy mae

      who is killing ..the people out on the sreets.. with stolen guns ..the Bible doesn’t say ..Jimmy do you own a gun,,,truth or lie..are you a believer in jesus Christ and do you love your family enough to protect them….who said Do not steal and bear false witness…

    • plowboysghost

      “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one”. -Luke 22:36

  • daisy mae

    Jimmy if you read the Bible you tell me ready to answer our own question instead of smart talking and being judgmental..good night God Bless..if you are a born again believer you know your people if not get saved and vote the Christian conservatives …

  • Nuclear Mike

    It is a free country to express yourself and your Family in those matters that are important to you.
    Teach your children well from the earliest age of things in this World which will keep them strong & happy…the Bible is full of life’s lessons and the facts of history to be able to defend your your choices of life from those who would enslave.

  • Bill Brownie

    If he loves his gun so much why doesn’t he just marry it? Will he want to pass a law to make it legal for a man to marry his gun? Sick……

  • plowboysghost

    @jimmy and his earlier post about the myth of separation of church and state: That phrase is nowhere in the Constitution. The Supreme Court in 1947 took Jefferson’s words out of context and incorrectly contributed to the myth of a wall of separation. The writings to the contrary are numerous and clear to the student of history who seeks truth and not to reenforce his own prejudices. For years, the U.S. Capitol was even used as a Christian church on Sundays. Study more, then post responsibly.

  • Geo

    As far as God and killing, has anyone here actually read the bible? God has ordered the killing of entire races of people by other people, Amalekites, Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzite, Hivite, Jebusite, Deut. 20: 16-18. Every man,woman and child was ordered ,by god, to be destroyed. If the people would have had guns, it would have been so much easier.

    • plowboysghost

      Exactly! This is Alabama. Anyone offended by freedom is welcome to vote with their feet. The ‘gun free’ Leftist Utopia of Chicago is waiting for you.

      • daisy mae

        Jimmy is no man he is a wimp..and i would say according to the Bible he is not a boirn again believer and of course a controlling man probably single at that…and a demo…and i would say he is not an educated man

  • jaybaby

    Well I just hope those that are against guns etc never need them for defense or for hunting.. one day this world will go through a very tough time according to the bible, so if you are a Christian and believe God’s word then we all know the world will end one day as we know it… if you are left here to defend for yourself, feed yourself (without grocery stores) etc I hope you change your mind about guns then LOL… and by all means please do not watch much TV or movies because there is guns in so many shows these days LOL..

    • Jimmy

      A crossbow is a pretty nice weapon for protection and game so you really don’t need a gun and a sling shot, as we know, can bring down a giant, I can also grow a vegetable crop like Pilgrims did to survive and I will still have my solar powered equipment. Have you ever seen the Hunger Games?

  • Tater Chip

    Someone needs to teach that oldest boy how to hold a gun. He almost has it pointed at his sisters head. Someone needs to teach these kids gun safety.

    • Jimmy

      Hearing and eye protection would have helped. also, a safe backstop would be nice instead of shooting blindly into the pasture. “Alright, everybody cover your ears — it’s going to be loud,” he said. Levi pulled the trigger and fired a shot into the distance. “There you go, good shot,” said Berryhill as he patted his son on the back.

      • Lil Debbie

        I don’t care how many kids he has. Obviously he is too immature for the job he is running for. He seriously thinks an AR-15 is the same as a baseball bat.

  • NRA member

    I pray for Lauderdale, Limestone,and Madison Counties today. What we need is a whole lot more than this man has to offer. I pray for his children and I also pray for his neighbors. I do not care how many acres he has I am sure his neighbors do not appreciate long range high powered rifles being shot into air. If Jonathan wants to teach his kids real hunting lessons buy a mussel loader. I also pray for anyone living in fear to the point of having a house full of guns.

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