UPDATE: “Extremely Dangerous” Bull Put Down in Decatur

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Valley Stockyard workers after the search. (Photo: William Szczepanski/WHNT News 19)

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Not a story you hear every day… Police in Decatur urged some residents to stay inside their homes while police tried to wrangle a loose bull.

Decatur Police were called to Valley Stockyard on Pine Ave. SW, just off of Old. Moulton Rd. in reference to a bull that escaped from a cattle pen Monday afternoon. The bull was loose between Moulton St. and Old Moulton Rd., east of the Beltline,

Employees of the stockyard described the animal as extremely dangerous.  The bull charged the first officer to arrive on the scene and damaged his patrol car, police said.

People that lived in the area were urged to stay inside and not to approach the animal.

Vallley Stockyard workers were forced to put down the bull.


    • Bonnie

      the stockyard workers are the ones that put the Bull down,think they know the animals and made the best choice,why when an animal is put down the police are always to blame, really people the Bull was at the stockyard what do you think was going to happen?? Steaks, here comes a BBQ..the officers and all workers could have been hurt, do you think that would have been okay?? REALLY hurt the people but save the Bull.Great job to all

      • Hh Greg

        How you think about food right now I mean the bull got put down if they had just called a to put the bull asleep for 2hours then they could have put it back in the pin think if that was yours you could not put it down and discited to eat it that is wronge

  • j byr

    I am sure he was scared and charged out of fear. They put him down for what reason?????

    Aminal Cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Rutherford

    what a moron !,,, tranquilizer guns don’t work like you see on TV. The drugs can take more than an hour to work, and you still have a 25% or greater chance of killing the animal,,,, no one can calculate the stress and heart rate of any animal in this situation,,, so to calculate the drugs needed to render this animal incapable of hurting or killing someone,,, even a child,,,, you are willing to have it chased for hours,,, thru neighborhoods,,,, yep,,,, out of your family,,,,, you are the “special one”,,,, how sweet,,,

  • kt

    so you mean to tell me if that bull was coming at you that you wouldnt shoot it too? please stop with the animal cruelty crap…

  • Greg Rutherford

    What a bunch of idiots ! And we wonder what has happened to this Country ? Unbelievable,,,,,

  • Greg Rutherford

    my comments are being censored, so I will comment no further, except to say, contrary to the way my comments have been costrued,,, the Decatur PD did the right thing !!

  • Nuclear Mike

    I say DPD…let’s have a bar-b-que!!!

    Most people nowadays have never had to deal with a “raging” bull that is beyond domestication and would have been put in the freezer by my Dad for trying kill us in the feedlot…anyway these cattle are raised to be on the grill regardless!

    • mike

      i was one of the officers on the scene. i was also raised on a cattle farm. When an employee of a sale barn says an animal is dangerous you had better believe him. His words were ” if it get into a sub-division its going to kill someone”. He did what had to be done.

      • Christy

        I agree 100%…. There could have been babies outsite playing, and we all know how loud babies/kids can be. That could have drove that Bull into attacking them. Thank you and to all your fellow officers!!!!!!


        you did what you had to do,people who are against killing the bull..what if it was in their yard and they had family outside,decatur police you all do a great job PROTECTING US CITIZENS….I THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.

  • Marie

    There were chidren in the area and someone could have gotten hurt very bad. They did what they had to do, sad, but they probably did the best thing for this community. When you only have seconds to act, you do the thing you feel best for soicity. Thank you Decatur Police.

  • mr hill

    All they would’ve had to do is get a cow that was in HEAT & have a cowboy on horseback lead the cow within smelling & seeing distance to the bull & I bet he would’ve followed them whereever they wanted him to go.I don’t know why they had to kill it

  • Belinda morgan

    Yes, thank you! I was raised on a farm and still have a few cattle. They can be very dangerous !!!

  • kenny

    I also work on a cattle farm and I hand seen first hand the damage a mature bull can create when not provoked, they can be extremely dangerous, it’s not animal cruelty, i would have done the same thing

  • M

    I think the actions taken were necessary. It was for the protection of the people. If someone finds it to be animal cruelty then maybe they should try catching a crazy cow loose in a city!!!!

  • M

    I think the actions taken were completely necessary for the protection of nearby people. If someone finds it to be animal cruelty then maybe they should try to catch a mad cow in the middle of a city!!!

  • Jon

    If it had been Morgan county they would have either ran it over or shot it in the butt. Thanks DPD I have small kids and that could have gone deadly. They said it charged a cruiser. It could have been worse. And if it escaped once than it could have done it again. So who wants an angus burger?

  • Murfree

    To soldier…you were not on scene and don’t have any insight on the situation. I wonder if you would have had the courage to face a thousand pound animal???

    To j byr…you also were not there. A decision was made by those who accessed the situation and made a decision based on protecting the public.

    To Noreply…the police didn’t move because it’s their duty to protect the public by putting themselves in harms way. Something most people would never do probably like yourself.

    The thing to remember, people’s lives are more important than the animals.

  • Blake hunter

    Lol the workers at valley are very good and know cattle I’ve been buying and sold there for years and those guys are as good at what they do then anywhere I’ve been and done everytng they could to not get anyone hurt and this happens all time at ever sale in country but you here about it here cause its in middle of town and animal cruelty is a joke where he’ll y’all people think rest of the 600 cattle that was sold that day is goin EAT BEEF’!!!!!

  • Blake hunter

    And sale starts at 11am everyone bring your livestock valley stockyard has great market and will work for the farmer plus cattle bringing more now then ever before so cash in on your cattle before market goes down call if want to sale cattle on farm 256-796-6845 leave message

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