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Women’s Center Considers Moving Out Of Downtown Huntsville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Anti-abortion activist James Henderson raised the alarm after hearing the owners of the Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives in downtown Huntsville were considering a move.

Henderson contacted the school board with his concerns that the clinic's proposed new location, at 4831 Sparkman Drive, would be across the street from Ed White Middle School. He also raised questions about whether the building was zoned for the particular use.

"There are zoning restrictions to include a variance that would not apply to the move of the abortion clinic," said Henderson.

Ed White Middle School will close for good in August. The school building will then undergo a renovation and the Academy for Academics and Arts will move into the space for the 2015-16 school year.

"School is continuing. And the impact on impressionable kids having an abortion clinic there is just too much for the public to tolerate," said Henderson.

A call to the Huntsville City Zoning Director confirmed the building is zoned for medical use.

Not only that, but it's the exact type of zoning a representative for the center says they need to be in compliance with new Alabama laws that require physicians to have hospital admitting privileges and meet certain building codes.

"We have to be an ambulatory surgical center and [our current] facility is not zoned as that, so we need to move to a building that does have those requirements," said Jayme Calhoun, a representative for the clinic and Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates.

The owner of the Women's Center has already purchased the Sparkman Drive property. However a move is not yet official.

"As of right now we have no plans that are solidified for a move, but we are looking at our options," said Calhoun.

While no move date is set, Calhoun says they hope to move into a new facility as soon as possible.


  • Kong

    You do too. As a bumper sticker I saw yesterday said Your Mother was prolife it appears to be right huh??. I guess he just doesn’t want to see unborn babies murdered. It’s his right as much as yours to voice his opinion.So if you are pro-life or pro-death don’t think others can’t have an opinion.

    • Thumperrose

      There is a difference between “voicing a private opinion”: and standing in the street blocking, harassing, stalking and objecting to other citizens legal private choices.
      You are correct he has every right in his private life to choose as he see fit according to his own conscious, the issue comes when they dont respect that same and equal right for all citizens Especially when they try to influence egalitarian , secular law to take that right and choice away from female citizens IN law. Thats when they cross the line into other citizens private rights.

  • mpmarus

    Actually, my mother was pro-choice, but back then abortion was against the law and she was living in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • The truth be told

    Huntsville get a freaking life and stop worrying about other peoples vaginas!!! Are you taking care of your life and paying your bills on time like utilities, house payment, and your freaking DAYCARE BiIl! Mind your own dang business and get out of our vajay jays! A Woman can make her own choice! #getyourownbeeswax!

  • Rosalind McDermott

    He makes stuff up to get media attention – He absolutely knew there were medical offices in the area already. Remember that next time you hear something out of that hypocrite.

  • Anathalee Sandlin

    Henderson has never let facts stand in his way. Another instance of sounding a false alarm. And as for his statement that kids didn’t need to be exposed to an abortion clinic….if he and his minions didn’t stand outside the doctor’s private clinic now with their anti abortion signs I dare say no one would ever know a new women’s clinic was in the area.

  • Jamieson

    Fortunately Daniela was able to debunk Henderson’s attempts to mislead her about the school’s status and the clinic’s zoning.

    More importantly, he (understandably enough) failed to point out that even if there were students at the school, they would not know what kind of clinic it is until he and others of his ilk showed up with their loud rants, awful signs, and misleading flyers.

    James Henderson is certainly entitled to his opinion, but as long as he tries to force it on others with misrepresentations and glaring omissions, he’ll be viewed and scorned as a pompous blowhard.

  • jameshendersonssadsickobsessionwithuteri

    Henderson has a habit of twisting facts to fit his particular, but peculiar and often times perverted views of the world we all live in.
    No one who is pro-choice is “pro” death! Pro-choice is self-explanatory, while pro-life is contradictory. How can one be pro-life when you fail to stand up for these children after they are born or mothers who will die when forced to give birth?
    Henderson et al routinely picket this clinic with small children in tow, sing “Happy birthday, Dead Baby!” to patients and their companions, and pass out graphic literature to everyone. Another regular protester drives a large van with graphic pictures of “aborted fetuses” and another is a Catholic priest who spent prison time for the violent destruction of another clinic. Instead of being defrocked he has been given a new congregation and makes regular trips to Huntsville in the company of what can only be described as mentally disturbed men. That seem priest also is required to maintain a specified distance from these clinics because he has been deemed as dangerous to these facilities by the courts.
    If that is the best of what the pro-life camp has to offer, I’ll stick with those who defend choice, so we aren’t forced to send women to unsafe back alley clinics for a constitutionally approved procedure. How can outlawing and restricting abortion be pro-life? Women will still have them; they will just be unsafe.

  • The womb wasn't meant to be a tomb

    God forgive our nation. A nation that can murder their own children will not stand. All of these people will stand before God one day. I wonder if all the innocent children they ripped apart in their mother’s wombs will be standing there with Jesus looking at them. The depravity of gladly taking someone’s money to kill children is so sick and demonic. So sad abortions are happening here in Huntsville. The womb was never meant to be a tomb.

    • Jamieson

      Read your bible. God doesn’t consider termination of a fetus to be murder (Exodus 21:22-25). In fact he PERSONALLY orders His priests to terminate a pregnancy resulting from adultery (Numbers 5:11-29). If He judges anyone, it will be people who, like you, use His Word to further your own personal political agenda.

      • alias

        Obviously, your reading comprehension skills are lacking. That passage isn’t referring to pregnancy in any manner.

      • Jamieson

        No, but it does mention adultery, which can and does result in pregnancy.

        It also mentions “bitter water” which causes “the Curse” and the “belly to swell” and the “thigh (genitalia) to rot”. That sure sounds like any pregnancy would be terminated.

        Even if it didn’t, the punishment for adultery is stoning to death, which would also result in the demise of any fetus.

        And no, the female body doesn’t have any “ways to try to shut that whole thing down” in the case of adultery.

      • Jamieson

        No, but it does mention adultery, which can and does result in pregnancy.

        It also mentions “bitter water” which causes “the Curse” and the “belly to swell” and the “thigh (genitalia) to rot”. That sure sounds like any pregnancy would be terminated.

        Even if it didn’t, the punishment for adultery is stoning to death, which would also result in the demise of any fetus.

        And no, despite what you may have heard, the female body doesn’t have any “ways to try to shut that whole thing down” in the case of adultery.

      • alias

        ” In fact he PERSONALLY orders His priests to terminate a pregnancy resulting from adultery”

        So again, where does he order a priest to terminate a pregnancy in your cited passages? It is a test of infidelity, not pregnancy. Your assumptions rely on a logical fallacy that all infidelity results in pregnancy, which is clearly false.

        If you must enter this debate, please don’t quote a scripture you don’t read or understand. You burning up google to find biblical interpretations that fit your world view is laughable. Quoting something you don’t understand only reveals your ignorance, and your reliance on other people to interpret things for you so you can regurgitate them. Well done.

      • Jamieson

        Obviously, your reading comprehension skills are lacking.

        Where did I say “all” adultery results in pregnancy? Oh, I didn’t.

        But I did conclude that all adulteresses who were pregnant would abort their fetus.

        Didn’t need Google’s help with that – it’s logic.

  • Edna Stolinski

    So how do you feel about making condoms illegal? With your line of thinking, you must surely believe that all that sperm going into the condom is killing potentially hundreds of babies. Last question: if all abortions are outlawed, how many babies will you take and raise?

  • Pamela Willis Watters

    So Henderson and his like minded politicians pass a law “for the safety of women” that requires a clinic to have the same standards as an ambulatory surgical center (even though other types of clinics that do surgery aren’t held to these same standards). Then the clinic owner finds a building that is up to code & Henderson panics. What happened to “this is all to protect women”?

    • Jim

      Pamela you are right on topic. The clinic is following the law that was crafted to try to run them out of business and now they are upset? I have always thought that clinic downtown was only a gauntlet for woment go thru due to all the protesters anyway. I have thought after passage of that law that a clinic should purchase a property that was concealed from public view to prevent that type of harrassment by protesters. Women utilizing their services shouldn’t have to put up with that at all.

  • Rise Up

    Jamieson, you are a mental midget. Abortion is MURDER in the eyes of Almighty God. Like it or not, You and others will answer to HIM one day. Then comes The Lake Of Fire for all those who murdered OR supported the Murder of unborn children. Abortion IS NOT a form of Birth Control. God WILL NOT be Mocked!!! Your day is coming.

    • bob

      heres another delusional fundie that has confused infanticide (ilegal,involves babies) with abortion (legal,involves no babies)…i hope that helps

    • Jamieson

      As God said directly to Moses:

      “If some men are fighting and hurt a pregnant woman so that she loses her child, but she is not injured in any other way, the one who hurt her is to be fined whatever amount the woman’s husband demands, subject to the approval of the judges.

      “But if the WOMAN herself is injured, the punishment shall be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.” (emphasis mine)

      Looks like He doesn’t think causing termination of a pregnancy he murder. Who told You it is?

  • Rise Up

    Abortion is MURDER! It is NOT a form of birth control. All you mental midgets who abort or support Abortion will be held accountable to Almighty God for Murder whether you believe it or not!

    • Jim

      I personally am not a fan of using abortion for birth control but you will not advance your agenda with name calling people “mental midgets”. Its the same rhetoric the people who demonize people who are of different political parties. Gain some common ground dont drive wedges by throwing around insults…Discuss with decency and at times you just will have to agree to disagree..

    • Anathalee Sandlin

      I’d be very grateful if you could please quote scripture that directly and specifically says abortion is murder. Not some passage you think refers to abortion but directly says it….in the New Testament since Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus.

    • Jamieson

      It sounds like Rise has been listening to a fourth-rate preacher from some third-rate Bible school and taking his word as gospel.

      If these people would read their Bible and think about what it says, they’d be a lot harder to dupe.

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