Sheffield Mayor Talks To Radio Listeners In Sheffield, England

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - Sheffield, Alabama is known, by some, as the heart place of the Shoals music scene and that recognition goes beyond the state lines. About 4,100 miles away, there's Sheffield, England. Although it may sound a little unbelievable, the English recognize Sheffield, Alabama by the same name.

"They did know about the music industry here," said Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford.

Last week, Sanford had the opportunity to talk to the British Broadcasting Company about Sheffield. Sanford says it was a unique and exciting opportunity. He learned the cities had some similarities, but as you can image, they differ quite a bit. From a Southern draw to proper English, Mayor Sanford said the language barrier was evident.

"They it a river, we call a creek. So they laughed a little bit about that. It was a fun experience I'm sure for them and I hope their listeners liked it. I would love to visit Sheffield, England," said Sanford.

An experience he hopes happens in the near future.

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