Marshall County Voting Site in Cemetery

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Recently, WHNT News 19 received an email from a viewer asking about his new polling location.  The card he received in the mail indicated he would be casting a ballot in a cemetery and he thought it might be a scam.

WHNT News 19 got results for this viewer.   It's true, the person will be voting at the Prospect Cemetery.  In fact, more than 24,000 voters across the county are seeing some part of their voting information change.

"Our commission lines were redistricted because of the recent census," says Don Milligan of the Board of Registrars.  "We stretched those.  And you have to maintain an equal population balance for the County Commission lines."

But the reason some voters will now be voting in a cemetery doesn't have anything to do with new district lines.  In fact, voting took place at that site until just a few years ago.

"They moved it from the Prospect Cemetery to the volunteer fire department because of room, because the building was old," said Milligan.  "There was no air conditioning.  Well, they got over to the fire department and it seems there was some concern that the trucks and people entering, if they have to respond to fires while voting is taking place."

The county is now making upgrades to the small building at the cemetery, including adding air conditioning.   It's located on Highway 79 North in the Preston Island area.


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