Fighting Back: Man Says His Employer Forcing Major Pay Cuts

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - An Athens man tells us he's being forced to take a 50-percent cut in pay. Jonathan Ramires is a cable television technician at Prince Telecom in Athens. He says all of the techs were told essentially the same thing this week. WHNT  News 19 is taking action to look for answers for Ramires and the other employees.

Cable technician Jonathan Ramires told us the techs had gathered outside Prince Telecom in Athens Wednesday morning refusing to accept a cut in pay. We arrived a short time later and observed a number of employees outside the business. Ramires said the men had been called inside for one-on-one meetings.

He explained the method of how they were paid for each install or repair was being changed, which he says would cut his pay almost in half.

"I was told that this is what it is, this is what the company has provided us and if we don't like it we could leave it. And we have so many guys working here that need to feed their families and they can't take this stand. I'm willing to take this stand on behalf of everybody else and make what's right," Ramires said.

"You doing this interview, you understand that probably means your job, right," he was asked?

"If it means my job for better wages for others I'm willing to take that stand today and let people know so our voices can finally be heard," Ramires explained.

Brandon Murphy says he worked for the company for about 5 years, until he says he was laid off when he had to take time away to care for his sick child.

"And they'll schedule you for six days a week and you don't have a choice but to show up. So they call it mandatory and you're working 15 or 16 hours a day, you don't get no home life," Murphy said.

We did try to speak with someone from the company today but when our reporter walked up to the front door someone rushed over and locked it. A man in the parking lot who identified himself as Bill Valentino, said he was the company's vice president, he confirmed they were in fact having some employee issues today and then he asked us to leave the property saying he would notify us when the company had a statement to make. We've heard nothing more.

Prince Telecom is one of the cable television providers in the Athens area. They also have offices in Guntersville. The company did not return any of our calls today. We'll keep trying.


  • Mike

    Prince Telecom is not a local cable provider, they do contract work for local cable providers, including installation and service work.

    Them cutting pay in half is not surprising, as they did this nearly 6 years ago as well, once they obtained a full crew of employees.

    And yes, they schedule employees 6 days a week, 12-16 hours a day, all mandatory. Zero vacation days the first year of employment either.

  • Emma

    We’ll lets stand together let people know not only in Alabama what about Missouri and Illinois too? Let’s show the support these men need to work in this heat,rain, snow whatever weather condition

  • brutal

    Not everybody appreciate what we do n apparently it’s the cable provider company who supposedly caused the pay cut

  • John

    Communication Workers of America represent AT&T employees as well as Verizon. Contact a local represetative and take action

  • Perry Jeffers

    The moral and ethical thing to do if this 50% pay cut had to be done would be to meet with the employees and explain why this had to be done instead of just saying “take it or leave it”.

    Why not call Charter Cable and complain? That is who Prince Telecom is subcontracted to.

    • Tj

      It is my opinion after working with prince that they suck. Constantly meessing with ur pay, constantly threatening u with your job, and just dirty buisness people. Need to just bar them as a company

  • StupidUnions

    Yea Unionize so the business will go under. Unions are worthless organized free loaders. They collect money for doing nothing.

    • shawn

      Right because every company that has ever had a union immediately went under. You know unless you have an I.Q. higher than 20 and have actually opened a history book before. Moron, people like you are the reason these employees have no voice and no bargaining power. They’re being taken advantage of individually because they stand alone instead of acting as a union.

  • Bob smitj

    Same problem in Western Ma. Comcast contracting company with the same issues. Somebody needs to put a end to this garbage.

  • James Brown

    Prince is owned by Dycom and this has happened before with other subsidiaries that belong to them. I am a former employee. They cut their employees pay to increase over all revenue coming in.

  • Ex Comcast er

    It is definitely the providers cutting the contractors rates. Especially Comcast. How else could they afford to build a second skyscraper in Philly?

  • Jennifer

    My husband works for this company, and it is a devastating pay cut for our family. We are a one-income home as I was able to go back to school because he was making enough to pay the bills and buy things as needed. Now, I’m concerned I might have to put my school on hold and go back to work to help support the family. My husband has been with the company for almost 7 years. They don’t seem to care about their “older” employees who have worked 6 days a week, 12-16 hours a day, for almost the entire time they’ve been there. While he has earned vacation days, they don’t offer sick days. We have the health insurance through Prince Telecom, and while its good, it is very expensive. Now, after the insurance and taxes are taken out of his check, we likely won’t have enough to even pay our bills. As an example, last week’s check is showing a $200 deficit from what it used to be. That amount would’ve covered our utility bill for the month. Not sure what we are going to do, but I’m hoping Prince Telecom pulls through and realizes how bad this is hurting the employees as well as their families.

  • Donald

    Midtown Express is no different. I had to get the hell out of there, after over 9 years of service. Diacom can care less about your well being

  • TJ

    All these pay cuts are going to force good technicians to seek work elsewhere. Eventually they will be left with people that have the same level of intelligence as all of their customer service “agents”. We all know how smart those people are. If you are a contractor for any cable service provider you should be making over 50k a year and not have to work 70 hours a week to do so. Comcast, Charter, Cox…. Doesn’t matter who you are contracting for these companies are multi-billion dollar companies (Not sure about cox) and can more than afford to pay the life blood of there companies what they currently are. No techs=No Service. No service = no money for them either. Im ready to take a stand when you are.

    • Say What

      TJ, the Republicans in Alabama have worked hard to create and maintain “right to work” laws. They have successfully turned workers against unions. As a result, workers in states like Alabama are on their own. There will be no gathering together to create better working conditions. As our Governor likes to say, he was elected to make Alabama an employer friendly state. What is friendly to employers is rarely friendly to workers! Good luck!

      • RS

        The Republicans have it right. Unions are NOT the answer. Look where unions took GM, Ford, Chrysler, the city of Detroit, Hostess, Electric Boat, Catapillar, etc. The list goes on and on. There was a time and place for unions. That time has passed. Unions were there because safety was deplorable, wages none existent, and work conditions inadequate. Unions changed their philosophy when they realized how much money THEY could make of the very people they are supposed to help. Now they are sucking the life out of the marketplace and cost more jobs by preventing companies from hiring more positions. Unions drop the quality of craftsmanship because a collective bargaining agreement prevents employees from having any incentive to excel. If you do a great job, you can’t get a great pay raise because you receive the exact amount as an employee doing substandard work.

  • james

    Baker Installations is another company that does this. They run their employees into the grounf and then don’t give them a ful pay or payroll deduct them for mistakes after u already worked 4-16 hour days in a row. Then cut your pay due to ” the cut in their pay”

  • Go Ramires!

    I’m glad someone is saying something. Those guys work HARD every day and it’s sad how negative it impacts their lives. I don’t know one person that has worked for Prince Telecom that has not had relationship issues with spouses, family, and friends because of that place. It’s like working for a jealous girlfriend that is a stalker demanding to know where you are every second of the day and demanding that you give her all of your time, energy, and now your money. They will side step this somehow …they always do. I’m praying for you guys and just remember …Not one person that has ever left Prince has gone on to something worse.

  • Karen

    The same issue has occurred in Massachusetts. My husband got fed up with the ridiculously long days for 6 days a week with hardly a paycheck to show his absense. My husband could pull 72 hours in a week and come home with $450-500 equating to about $6-7/hr, below minium wage! Initially when he was working the pay would be $800-900 a week for the same hours. They rearranged the pay schedule, no longer counting cable transfers and wifi connections as work order they’d pay their employees for, essentially the majority of the jobs they were provided to perform daily. Now Prince also cuts employees pay if they make mistakes on the job (and not a 3 strikes and you’re out deal, or for consistently making errors). All it takes is one bad connection …the signal could be weak in the home due to a varity of factors, such as poor wiring outside from previous installations, yet the employee is still at risk of having their pay reduced. For the weather conditions they have to work in, climbing poles and homes, crawling through dusty passageways and filthy basements, carrying heavy equipment, having to pay for their own gas despite using company trucks and using their own cell phones for business, the compensations is beyond inadequate. Prince takes advantage of their employees and I wish I had told my husband to take action the same way Ramires has, but when you’re poor and between a rock and a wall, it’s hard to know how to act and what options you have. There needs to be a serious national investigation in their dirty schemes. Lastly, Prince had advised employees they would no longer be receiving pay for a certain job request, yet, Prince was receiving money for the jobs. The money just didn’t go to the employees. Employees in Worcester MA were told they would be given a lump sum once the employees learned of the scandal, yet, no pay was received. This is just infuriating!

    • nick

      Karen, your facts are so incorrect. I work for Prince in the Worcester and whatever this lump sum of money is that you are talking about is false. Everyone who is blaming Prince for this pay cut doesn’t have there facts and doesn’t know the whole story. I know more about what’s going on than anyone on here. Stop blaming Prince, its Charter cutting the pay cause the new COO does not like contractors. This was his plan all along. I am a tech by the way.

      • Jason

        Nick, she’s not mistaken. I was a tech through Prince Telecom for over a year and it was 60-70 hour weeks for below minimum wage, supplying our own gas in company vehicles, and eventually rate cuts. I’ve never met a Prince tech who defended the company so readily leading me to believe you’re not a tech after all…

  • Jimmie mcnairy

    This is how Health Care Reform will start affecting many companies. My employer is planning on our health care increasing by an estimated $41.9 million over the next 4 years. This is going to start happening more in the future.

    • Say What

      Health care costs are trending down. The increase in premiums are are at their lowest in over ten years. Corporations are running around with scare tactics trying to get their workers to turn against the President. Eventually, the facts will put out the fires started by those lies!

      • chris

        Seriously where do you work? My premiums went up over 60% with increase in ded and copays? The coverage is about the same

      • Say What

        Here are the national averages for health care insurance premium increases for the past 10 years.

        2005 9.34%

        2006 5.51%

        2007 5.45%

        2008 4.74%

        2009 5.48%

        2010 2.95%

        2011 9.46%

        2012 4.46%

        2013 3.85%

        (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

      • Pawpawneil

        premium increases nationally may be slowing, but they have higher copays for services and less coverage. the end result is higher cost for the worker.

      • Say What

        Pawpawneil, you are correct that they co-pays are higher, but the coverage is much greater than the old junk policies. Those policies were cheaper, but were not worth the paper they were printed on! People thought they were covered until they actually need it and found out they were full of exceptions and loopholes!

  • The Truth

    The fact is, these cuts were not brought by Prince. Charter forced them to change. Comcast did the same thing about a month ago. If Prince did not sign it and change we would all be out of jobs. The cable companies are the ones who are the ones who now want you to run aos and install equipment for free.

  • Say What

    The Republicans in Alabama have worked hard to create and maintain “right to work” laws. They have successfully turned workers against unions. As a result, workers in states like Alabama are on their own. There will be no gathering together to create better working conditions. As our Governor likes to say, he was elected to make Alabama an employer friendly state. What is friendly to employers is rarely friendly to workers! Good luck!

    • Branko Pezdi

      Hey tovarich, some quotes from your hero, the brilliant zero sum “economist”:

      The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!

      From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

      The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.

      In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.

      Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.

      The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs.

      The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.

      The more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more does competition extend among the workers, the more do their wages shrink together.

      • Say What

        Branko, from reading a lot of the other posts on this forum, it seems that you are sounding more like a dinosaur everyday! Workers are waking up from their false consciousness! As I always say, turn out the lights — your party is over!

  • kosta

    We went threw this when comcast cut the rates they pay techs by 33 percent nationwide. But the president of the company gets a pay increase. Google it. Dude said it best unionize I quit and went to directv were I am appreciated and paid fairly for my hard work. Down with cable long live directv. I’d quit and go find me a job in house directv all day I also worked for comcast for 6 years and they can suck it.

  • Ben Hider

    There is massive widespread abuse of these so called contractors. They are all in fact employees and should try to bring a class action for all cable contractor being misclassified nationwide.. Time warner & Comcast do it still to this day. They are all guilty.

  • Brian britton

    I worked for prince for a year, they did the same thing to us. There a contractors, so when comcast said there cutting what they pay for each type of job we took 50% cut for most of the work we did. Prince lost about 90% of there employees out of that office. It wasn’t princes fault, there at the mercy of comcast and charter.

  • Rob

    You really can’t blame the cable providers, I know some cable providers are starting to move all there work to in house and going away with contracting work all together.. If this is happening to prince employees then look into getting a job from “the hand” (cable provider) that feeds the bear (prince).

  • Chris

    It is sad that a cable installer is now getting payed less than a utility worker.We put our lives at risk for people to have cable tv, internet, and phone.Now here it is they expect us to do the same quality work for a lot less.I have seen pay cut in this bussiness in the past.. 1 dollar here and there.. This is the biggest one of them all..cost of living rises our pay decreases..So I guess the rumor is true that CEO of Charter hates contractors, It sure does show in a big way.. A highly skilled cable installer now making below Mc Donald wage. Where is the fairness?

    • Say What

      Capitalism is not about fairness. Capitalism is about the accumulation of capital (profits).

      • Chris

        Yep we do, Everyday..Driving, strangers houses, going up the pole in good and bad weather, going into attics, crawl spaces, unsanitary situation,( not providers fault just a customer not wanting to clean there house),etc.Some people don’t understand what we go through to provide them service..they tend to think it just a flip of a switch and hooking up a box.

      • there are laws that protects employees from excessive pay decreases.

        In one state, wages are not to be scaled, inwhich it protects the employee from taken drastic pay cuts. Check with your local labor board for details.

      • smart enough to retrain for another job

        “Wages can not be scaled back”. Hummmm…..must be true since I see it here on the internet….. Please include which state and please quote where I can find this little gem of information.

  • im ramires

    Yes this is.. the only way to get this done for other states is by standing up I hope I get more people in other states thinkin about this as well there is fFacebook page up called save our wages

    • nick

      i completely disagree with your comments. Your accusations are that Prince is forcing you to take a pay cut, That is not the case, it is Charter that is cutting the pay for all contractors. While i completely disagree with it, its the way of the piece work world. I work for Prince in the Worcester Ma system, and I am not blaming Prince for this paycut at all. The COO of charter hates contractors and this is HIS way of showing how much. Dont go on the news and blast Prince like its there fault because its not. You do what you feel you need to do, but if this comes back to haunt all the systems then your just as bad as Charter.

      • do it

        That Is false are pay is based of there assets you have no clue what they make and what there charge backs are they can do something about like they have done in the past and so u no its both sides at fault

  • Brad

    Worked for Prince long enough to know that it wasnt the right place for me. After driving from Moulton to Birmingham every day for a week, working 12 hours, then driving home each night, I knew enough to get out of there.

  • Delruuz

    What makes these people think they are owed a living wage? If you want to earn a fair wage and you’re not you just need to work harder!

    /Republican Off

    • Go Ramires!

      What makes you think you deserve a living wage? Maybe you’re just missing the point that this isn’t McDonald’s they didn’t hire in to flip burgers for minimum wage they hired in because of an agreement to be payed a living wage that is being cut. Most of these guys aren’t idiots some even have degrees but that is quickly changing because the companies want to pay so little. Remember in this society you get what you pay for. Cheap labor= sorry employees = TC’s that they send sorry techs out on that mess it up worse = the customer hating cable and swapping to satellite. It’s really common sense when you look at the whole picture. You can look at this and say it’s Comcast or Charter doing the pay decrease and that’s all fine it probably was a decision they pushed along but these techs report to Prince not Charter. Charter didn’t hire them for X amount pay Prince did therefore it is Prince Telecoms responsibility to take care of them.

  • nick

    I am a contractor currently for prince and have been for years, this is all Charter, not prince. I am hoping this Comcast merger goes thru cause I am in an area where they are swapping with charter and its time for a change.

    • unknown name

      Comcast is doing the same thing we just took a 30 percent cut. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

  • unheard

    From being on both sides of the table I can assure that these cuts are happening with all major cable providers across the country. They are all reducing their payouts to all sub contractors yet increasing the amount of charge backs. This is the new age of the industry and it’s a shame. Cable Guys across the country are performing the exact same work now if not more than they were a few years ago for less than half the money. What is more disturbing is when was the last time you as a customer received reduction or cut in your monthly bill instead of an increase? These company’s do whatever they want because we don’t have any other options. The new method of contract workers is churn and burn. I have seen entire companies change staffs multiple times looking for new guys to screw over. The days of earning and honest wage in our industry is slipping away. It truly cost us more to do the work than we get paid. $10.00 jobs that can be back charged a $100.00 is the new standard.

  • jay

    This is true but if everyone and I mean everyone just took a stand for 2 daysacross the u.s. they wouldn’t take us all for granted..something would half to be done what do u think??

  • Another downtrodden and under appreciated technician

    It is not just Prince telecom, there are numerous others out there that have the same business model and mentality. You can not just ban them from working. The upper management is entrenched and will continue to operate under a different name if they “loose the contract”. 1 prime example is Bill Valentino, who is an owner of Cavo Broadband Communications, yet another subsidiary of Dycom ( ). The origins of the problem come from the cable companies who have national contracts that they decide the terms of. The contracting company is offered a, do it or leave option, as there is always another starving contractor willing to do it for less. The secondary problem is the contracting company itself. They decide to do the work at reduced rates and pass the cuts on to the employees. This is their business model response to the price structure that they are provided with from the cable company.

    There is one thing that all of the contracting companies need to remember in this situation, Us technicians are your sole product that you sell. We are the only thing in your company that generates any kind of money. Without us, you have no product.

  • Kevin

    What the cable providers dont realize or worse that they do is that contractors have to hustle. Play the numbers game to make some kind of paycheck. Shotty pay = shotty work. The norm is 7 percent failure rate. Ok that’s fine do enough truck rolls mess one up here and there your still fine.
    But is that a way to represent a company? Paying less per job forces contractors to rush and cut corners to feed there kids. Spending 3 hours at
    One house to make it perfect for 20 bucks… dont think so.

  • Emma

    I agree strongly for go ramires!!! I’m ready to see a strike everywhere as needed if we made a stand here and every one else did since we are there money maker we should see new contracts and better pay for every one and everyone’s family as well

  • jay

    “They” stated that under company we have to work 2 weeks the techs were told to collect data..”they” are taking are pay into consideration after 2 more weeks of this hard cut and the only way to see fast results would be for everyone to take a stand for themselves not just in Alabama but other states as well

  • Chris

    I agree somewhat with Nick..However, how low is too low?…There has been pay cuts across all the systems nationwide but Charters payout is way too low. I’ve worked in Comcast system out west a few years back then again on the east coast couple years later. I did notice a pay decrease not a whole lot but noticable.I personally disagree with price cuts period. Especially when workmanship and craftmanship is mandatory in all systems..This price cut (I haven’t seen the telephone workers and or satellite workers taking huge cut in pay like this) is like saying the more you know the less you are going to get paid. A 20 min job will pay you more than a job that takes 3 hrs or more..

  • Joseph Slusher

    I used to work for them and I gotta say I don’t know who’s at fault here for sure, but cable contracting pay sucks across the board no matter which company, and with that being said it might be the almighty cable companies who employ the contracting companies. Cable has strong lobbying power to bend the laws in their favor and it can get irritating if you know how these entities really are. I say share it up cuz it might make a change. I hope.

  • Anon101

    The Bottom Line is, there needs to be Reform in this industry. Its been a bused far to long. and Solely to head-end Monopolization to these regions. The Controllers have been Manipulating the Contractor Sub work to drive Job Pricing down, as well as Cutting their in house pay at the same breathe. The industry at this point is nothing but high turnover on both spectrum’s of the field and caring little about the customer level or the base line employee level scale.

    The best form is lobbying congress, What pulls in line the most that makes these contractors nothing more then Controllers parent company is no Compete Clauses that have remained static year on end .. These need to be made illegal, prosecuted apon in court. if the controller Company such as charter, Comcast and the such do not want to pay living wages, then the monopolization they hold in those regions should start to become forfeit. If they want to remain that status, then they should be regulated by law for those type of stipulations.

    this is not retail, This is not some exec job where that position is merely isolated to inside buildings. These techs are dealing with our wireline infrastructure, which is connected to our streets, our buildings/homes, regardless of location, state to state. Cutting corners on this type of work should not be a going standard and these organizations should be allowed to bring that type of workforce to this current level.

  • Travass Christopherson

    I worked for them for 4 years in Oregon (sub contractors of Comcast) Every year i got a raise, every year Comcast cut the contracts. When i left after 4 years i was making less then when i started. The final straw averaged out to a $15K a year cut.
    What everyone needs to know is that it is typically the cable company that Prince Telecom Contracts to (comcast, Charter, Cox, whoever) that cuts the contracts, which forces Prince to lower their workers wages. You the employee, make the company the money with the work you do. That is why vacation is so limited, if you aren’t working, you are not making them any money. Keep in mind that i am in NO WAY sticking up for Prince. They simply know that the work is there, and workers will be as well. That is how contract labor works. At almost any given time, Prince has some sort of wage/labor lawsuit going on. (i got paid out twice in 4 years!) Contract labor/piece work is a very slippery slope to go down. I suggest you do as I did and document every penny.
    As long as you the employee understands that is is all BS and you are ABSOLUTELY expendable, you can make some pretty good money doing it. I averaged around 55-60K a year there. When anyone off the street with a hammer can come in and do that, you guys cant really complain too much.
    . Yes, you will probably lose your job for doing this interview, and you will be quickly replaced.

    I still work in the cable business, but i went In-house. I took a significant pay cut, but it was traded for good benefits and respect.

  • NRA

    “Say What” needs a regular Job. (James, Wake Up) is a full time troll and probably gets “Free” internet from Obumma along with a “Free” Obumma Phone. Another DEM_O_CRAP!

  • unknown name

    We just had the same thing happen here in the Chicago region as Comcast contractors. We just took about a 30 percent pay cut. It is the company that you contract for (Comcast, Charter, Twc etc.) That controls how much the contractor technicians get paid. Not the company that the tech works for in this case Prince Telecom. The company that you contract for( Comcast, Charter etc.) Does an annual SOW which states how much money per point they are going to pay for that year. The company that the tech is hired for will typically take 40 to 60 percent and pay the remaining 60 to 40 percent to the technician per point of work completed. I have been in the contracting business for over 12yrs now and have yet to see an increase in pay. Every year the SOW goes down. Its been that way since I started in this businesses but this year was the biggest cut ever. I don’t foresee it ever going up again. If you don’t want to do the work for what they are paying they will find somebody else that will. All these company’s are multi billion dollar company’s and were just a number to them. Sad but true.

  • Aao

    that should be herd but if it’s multi billion and where just a number that number will be hard to replace one day,today is a new day for our company’s to take pride and sVe money from charge backs in long run better pay can be made up for the techs

  • RS

    Unions are NOT the answer. Look where unions took GM, Ford, Chrysler, the city of Detroit, Hostess, Electric Boat, Catapillar, etc. The list goes on and on. There was a time and place for unions. That time has passed. Unions were there because safety was deplorable, wages none existent, and work conditions inadequate. Unions changed their philosophy when they realized how much money THEY could make of the very people they are supposed to help. Now they are sucking the life out of the marketplace and cost more jobs by preventing companies from hiring more positions. Unions drop the quality of craftsmanship because a collective bargaining agreement prevents employees from having any incentive to excel. If you do a great job, you can’t get a great pay raise because you receive the exact amount as an employee doing substandard work.

  • Go4ItBigO

    What happens when you fellows refuse to work, that is, go on strike? My guess – Prince will fire you all for cause & therefore you get no unemployment insurance. (Ramires, do you know for sure, are you Prince cable guys even in a job classification that Prince has to pay State of Alabama UI taxes for your account, or are you all in a contractor status that makes you un-covered in Alabama?) Then, Prince will hire just anyone, and they know that among the millions of “undocumented workers” in the US now, there are more than hundreds who can procure counterfeit Social Security cards and birth certificates. The Texas border is reporting an “unprecedented” overwhelming flood of young “undocumented workers” for the past few months, as all of central America and Mexico have been informed that the Democrats’ majority leader in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has announced that the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill shall be passed this Summer (including legalization of illegal aliens for green cards, unrestricted employment and residency in the U.S. and conversion into citizens and voters in about 5 years; i.e., amnesty as a practical matter), and within about six weeks, and President Obama has already issued orders to the Executive Branch to minimize detentions and deportations of illegal aliens.

    N.B. – More than 36.000 convicted criminals among the “undocumented workers” were released from Federal prisons and detention facilities into U.S. cities and towns, just this past Winter.

    It is reliably reported that the feckless Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio) with his sub-leaders including Eric Cantor (Va.), Paul Ryan, et al., , has assured his big-bucks contributors that he will pass the Democrats’ amnesty bill this year, while publically he tells us that cutting unemployment is the most important goal ahead (and he is prepared to legalize 11,000,000 to 30 million more illegals to achieve this goal). Equally eager is the Senate minority leader, McConnell of Kentucky, who last Tuesday defeated his grass-roots, anti-amnesty opponent in Kentucky’s Republican Primary election and was nominated for re-election in November.

    We need to use the Party’s Primary election to defeat every incumbent who cannot express complete dedication to stopping the invasions across our borders, to defeating all legalization of illegals, and to defeating expanded immigration quotas and expanded work visas, H-1B, L-1, L-4, etc. Don’t be fooled if a candidate mostly says they oppose amnesty. If we re-nominate any members of Congress who are weak on protecting our jobs, we are voting to seriously damage our own friends, our own families, and ourselves. Raising the minimum wage will only mean the illegals get paid better when legalized.

    That Primary election is on next Tuesday, June 3, for Alabama. Talk it up.

    • smart enough to not work for prince

      All cable companies require a clean background to work for them. Prince had a problem a few years ago with workers with false documents and they now do a full investigative background check. The news story is no longer an active link or I would post it. Approximately 5 years ago, a tech that worked for them, under Charter Cable in Hammond, LA, made the news. This tech with fake papers was stalking a customer. The customers father found him hiding in an abandoned bus on their property and confronted him. Needless to say, prince does everything they can to bury bad publicity.

  • Daniel

    Sounds to me like you all need to do what I did 8 years ago. Forget cable and dish ” go back to local tv”. When they have no customers thing will change. But, who am I to say, each are entitled to there own opinions. I really do feel for these men and women and all can say what they want, but you will never understand what they are going through until you have walked the same valley.

  • Strapped in for the long haul

    The issue is Charter and cutting what they pay their contractors. This has been happening for quite a long time. Basically because of their size Charter feels these are the prices we are willing to pay and the contractor either agrees or Charter finds another contractor to do the job. Charter has been looking to eliminate contractors for a long time as well and if you’ve noticed BBT’s for Charter are doing more and more installs, with the hope of one day going ALL in-house. I’ve been in the industry for 27 years (all in-house) and have seen many companies close shop due to pricing. To me the writing has been on the wall. Good luck to you contractors, i honestly wish you the best in your fight because we all wouldn’t be here without you. In-house is the way to go, the pay might not match-up but the job security is definitely there.

    Again GOOD LUCK!!

  • Chris

    What is really funny this post has been out the past few days no comments from the CEO of Prince,Dycom, and/or Charter about this pay cut.I hope they can sleep at night since there pay isn’t going to be cut, infact they are going to get rasies this due to this tremdous pay cut on there workers.I’m not sleeping very well cause Im worried how Am going to pay for my daughter breathing treatments now. I already skip lunch to help pay for it.Hope you guys have a very nice at the expense of your workers..You are so welcome!meanwhile I have to install 5 hd, mdm, ph plus rewire all the outlets and drop to tqa specs for more than 50% less..knowing all you guys you’ll find a way to cover all this up and try or best to deny it..I wonder how shareholder are going to see this when you guys forcing us to work well below poverty line. Remember it us the installer who take the risk everyday so you guys can have the job of treating us like a number.

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