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WATCH: Depressed goat ends hunger strike, jumps for joy when reunited with friend

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OAKLAND, Calif. — A goat named Mr. G became extremely depressed and stopped eating when he was separated from a burro with whom he’d lived for years.

The two were discovered living in an animal hoarding situation on the property of a woman “who could barely care for herself, let alone the dozens of dogs she hoarded and three barnyard animals,” Animal Place stated.

The goat and burro were taken to different animal sanctuaries.
No one realized how close the two animals were until Mr. G grew despondent. He spent his days lying in the corner of his stall.

The animal shelters realized they needed to do something, so a volunteer agreed to drive 14 hours to bring the two together.

Watch the video below to see how Mr. G perks up when reunited with Jellybean, the burro.


    • Penny

      No comparison. Animals are much better friends than people are. Just read a story about a woman who shot a mommy dog while she was nursing her babies because she was acting “aggressive”. Guess dog was right. The woman was a threat.
      Thank you for stories about wonderful people like this who are so loving and giving. Almost restores my faith in mankind. At least renews hope. Bless you all

  • Sue

    That is so sweet to see the two friends reunited! Mr. G and Jellybean definitely belong together! Everyone who helped are wonderful!!!

  • mamac

    Thank you so much everyone for watching the goats and really taking the time with them ti see what was going on..So, sweet..Animals know that’s like a cow you take her baby or the baby dies and the mama cow will holler and holler…But animals are alot smarter than people give themcredit for..r

  • willis

    That was truly amazing. It really touched my heart that someone would drive that far to reunite these two animals.

  • mary small

    this story made me an animal lover and really love goats..mine wont eat if i leave them for a visit with my mom visits me so they wont be sad..keep up the good work

  • mamac

    A BIG!BIG!BIG!THANK YOU EVERYONE….Made me cry and when I think about it I still cry…Thank my Lord for people out there like you all to help his animals…

    • Diane Taylor

      It said they were part of a hoarding situation. Too many animals for the owner to take care of. Not abused by starvation…..yet.

  • Jennifer Mwamba

    Very sweet!! Great job to ALL the volunteers! Caring for these animals is a true calling!

  • Bill

    Recently there was a story of two Elephants who were reunited after many years living at different sanctuaries. I understand the reunion was beautiful. Animals have a brain and understand love and caring. They do form relationships among themselves and also humans. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is not too bright. I don’t nderatand how people can so be so cruel to abandon animals when things become inconvenient for them. I would rather give my life than to be separated from my two dogs.

    • lotus10

      My 2 little rescue doggies are like that. Every time I put food in their dishes they’re so grateful and look up at me with their sweet eyes saying, “Thank you momma.”

  • DT

    I just LOVE “love stories”, especially when they have happy endings!!!! God bless all who made the reunion possible. See there, Happily Ever After DOES exist! Don’t forget it!!!

  • ariel

    alot of animals are smarter and have bigger hearts than alot of people. thats awesome that they reunited them, gotta love happy stories.

  • David

    Well done on re unit,ing these guys, clearly in lov ( sort of) certainly the goat would not survive alone after such a beautiful relationship. Wel done again.

  • Karen

    Animal must have souls. They are so precious. How can people not see they should love with that same measure.

  • Jeannie Sheppard

    Animals are sentient beings. They feel love, pain, sadness, joy, fear just like humans do. This is why I live a vegan lifestlye. They are no different than our companion dogs and cats <3

  • KB

    That was such a nice thing for those people to do instead of letting Mr. G die of a broken heart. Sweet story!

  • NYB

    This was nice??? Why would they be separated in the first place? The fact that animals have emotions and form bonds was a new concept to the Rescuers?? I just don’t get this. Smh.

    • Kate Smith

      The subtitles mentioned that the rescue that took in the goat had never cared for a burro before. It was likely a situation requiring little time to ponder over where everybody went, and the burro probably went to a rescue specializing in it’s care. Kudos to the goat rescue for branching out for the sake of one sad little goat! :)

  • JulieAnn Mooney

    So wonderful that the rescue thought to reunite these two buddies and went to all of the effort to make it happen. After seeing this video, you can definitely see that it was all worth it!! Makes my heart smile :)

  • Cheri

    People are so gullible! These animals weren’t abused or starved. Hoarding animals? And who decides when you have too many animals? These animals should have never been taken away in the first place.

    • Goldilocks

      So I take this to mean that you were there and can bear first hand witness to the situation these animals were in? Since you seem to know so much, maybe you can fill everybody in on “the rest of the story”! If not, then… well, you know what you can do with it!

  • Pawpawneil

    Animals are special, for sure. I think some of them are angels disguised as animals. take the time to know them and they will bless your life with so much happiness and love.

    • Sue

      Absolutely animals are Angels! They will be your best friend and bring you good luck. I believe they pick you rather than you pick them. II love animals because they are smart, loyal, dedicated more humans. I have heard they actually a loved one coming back to help you.

  • Raven DeMeara

    Sometimes I think animals are more human than we believe. This is a beautiful story and I hope they enjoy the time they spend together. And, it may sound terrible to some, but I hope when God calls them home to be with him again, they go together.

  • Mr Poubelle

    Yes I lived in the UK. I had a lovey pet Blonde Sheep. They’ll never be a another Ewe! Nice to see this.

  • Myra Skidmore

    Goats are extremely bonded herd animals, and the “herd” can be just one other animal, of any species. When I got my first goat, she had a rabbit friend, and they ate out of the same dish and played together. It was heartwarming to watch. Goats don’t do well alone. Thank you to whomever realized this and brought the burro to be with his friend the goat!

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