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Guntersville Football Coach Arrested on Drug Charges in Huntsville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Guntersville City School administrators confirm an assistant football coach at the high school was arrested by Huntsville Police.  Jail records indicate that Larry Hudson, 28, was arrested back on May 20th and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

WHNT News 19 has learned that the substance involved in the arrest was spice, which is a synthetic marijuana.

Superintendent Dale Edwards says Hudson is an aide in the school system in addition to his coaching duties.   The Guntersville High School website says Hudson is the coach of the running backs.

Edwards says the school system is launching its own investigation into the charges.

Hudson is the second Guntersville coach to be arrested in the past month.  Girls soccer coach David Barrow was arrested earlier in May on charges of sexual abuse and human trafficking.   Barrow was also arrested by Huntsville Police.


  • Nuclear Mike

    And the criminal drama of our local city, county, & state employees just does not end…is there anyone left in a position of authoirty that can make a good decision regardling personnel or even keep themselves out of the courts & jail???

  • momofsix

    Just because they’re in trouble now, does not mean that a thorough background check wasn’t performed!! Drugs, alcohol, and other crimes can occur anytime in someone’s life.


      I never had a background check done when I was a volunteer coach last year for GHS. It’s time the school system start actually paying for qualified coaches instead of hiring anybody who offers to help their programs that don’t have coaches on staff (which about half their sports)

  • Red

    There is NO SUCH THING as synthetic marijuana. Spice is NOT the same as marijuana. It is not even similar. There is no foundation either scientificatly or chemically to call the chemical that is sprayed on to the potpourii that is then called “spice” and marijuana, except for the fact that the chemist that created the first incarnation of this stuff was attempting to replicate marijuana.

    If people, like the person who wrote this article, would QUIT calling spice synthetic marijuana, it is possible that the word would be easier to get out that this stuff is VERY DANGEROUS. So you do your readers a disservice with this ignorance.

    As for the “background check” that previous people have been harping about, if you are referring to a possible drug test as part of a pre-employment screening, it is very likely that the chemical ingredient in spice is NOT tested for. This is the ONLY reason why people use it, and certainly the ONLY reason why anyone would chose to use it over REAL mother nature created marijuana.

  • Michael

    Here’s the real question. If marijuana were legal (the real, harmless stuff) would anyone feel the need to get into spice which is actually dangerous?

  • Concerned

    Who’s to say he had any background of Drug Activity when hired? There are plenty of individuals hired within the school system that just haven’t been caught yet? Your child could be taught everyday by a Druggie at night?? Who knows what teachers do in their own spare time?

  • Jim

    I could understand something like this for a HS or College student but an adult? Kids experiments and if as an Adult this type of behavior is still going on then you really have to question their judgement. I guess we can say what if it were legal all day but in the end it is not and it most likely will end his career due to a lapse or perhaps a habit that got the best of him…

  • HelloMyNameIs

    It is truly shocking what’s gone on in Guntersville the last few weeks. They need some stiffer standards for coaching for sure.

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