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Facebook Bicycle Road Rage Videos Lead to Arrest

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Road Rage.

Cyclist across the state say the type of verbal abuse heard in a recent set of viral videos posted by an irate Alabama driver is common.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a Piedmont man after he posted videos on his Facebook page showing his road rage toward bicyclists.

In the video, you can hear the driver threatening to run the bicyclist off the road. He also yells at the cyclist as he passes him very closely.

The driver, Keith Maddox, is charged with reckless endangerment, which is a misdemeanor. He has since been released on bond.

Keith Maddox (Calhoun County Sheriff's Office)

Keith Maddox (Calhoun County Sheriff's Office)

Huntsville cyclist Jamie Miernik serves on the Alabama Bicycle Coalition and the Huntsville Bike Advisory & Safety Committee. Miernik is not surprised by the aggression seen in these videos.

"This happens all the time, I think the frustration this guy has represents the feelings a lot of motorists have at times towards bicycles on the road," Miernik said.

After his videos went viral, Maddox issued a public apology on his Facebook page. He said he would never intentionally hurt anyone, and he urged others to share the road with cyclists.

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    • Eric

      Nuclear Mike-You are an idiot. Bikes by Alabama law have the right to be on the road, just like cars and motorcycles. Read a little while you are sitting on your brains.

      • Nuclear Mike

        Bicycles offer almost no protection against vehicles as I know several of Huntsville’s bicyclists who have already lost thier lives or have spent years recovering from their accidnets with vehicles.
        Bicycles have no place on the green trails here either as they “hawg” the Greenway where people walk.

      • KB

        Why is it that if someone chooses this mode of transportation, THEY are the moron?? The morons in cars and trucks need to watch what the hell they are doing, SLOW DOWN! Bicycles have every right to be on the roads, yes, we do need bike lanes but more likely than not some moron in a 4- wheel vehicle will use it as a passing lane. Nobody has any patience.

  • stan/ truck driver

    Like i said before, if you can ride the speed limit with helmet,turn signal, all lights like a motor cycle then i;m for you to ride any where you want but the parkway ,green cove ,jordan lane ,and so on,,, get real you just asking to be KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me

      I agree, while that may not be the law it is a pretty standard belief. I understand that bicyclist want to use the same roads, however it is in no way safe. It’s really sad how often we hear of bicyclist being hit or being ran over after they lose control. It makes you wonder why they wouldn’t just bike on trails and safer areas…

      • stan/ truck driver

        about 1 year ago the guy in front of me change lanes so quick that I almost hit a guy on a bike the speed limit was 55, i almost landed in the DITCH !!!!!!!!!!!can i sue the bike rider????????????????????

      • faf1967

        Cyclist hit after they lose control???? Are you really that naive to think all accidents when cyclist are involved are caused by the cyclist losing control.

        I have been intentionally hit with a side mirror of a truck going 50+ MPH. I have been hit when a guy ran a red light. The facts are over 95% of accidents involving cyclist are due to motorist.

  • Eric

    Stan- by definition the speed limit is the maximum you are drive on the road. That’s what limit means. If there is a posted minimum then anyone using that road must maintain the minimum. If no minimum is posted then 5 mph is within the law. Get a dictionary and look up limit please.

  • Tyler

    This is why Alabama needs bike lanes. Cyclists don’t want to be on the road anymore than drivers want us on the road, but it is currently illegal for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk in cities like Huntsville.

    Other states like Tennessee have wide shoulders, why can’t Alabama?

  • Paula Tucker

    People need to figure out why cyclist make them so angry in the first place. Your life and where you need to be is never worth taking the life of someone on 2 wheels!!
    Bicyclist aren’t wanted on places like the Greenway because they are too fast, and they aren’t wanted on the roads because they are too slow.
    Ask yourself why you aren’t paying attention to the roads in the first place. If you almost hit someone because the person in front of you went left at the last second then you were tailgating. If the person in front went left at the last second they were probably on the phone or changing the radio and not watching the road in front of them.
    None of us are perfect in the car and not all bicyclist follow the rules of the road either.
    Not following the rules of the road whether you are on a bike or in a car causes someone to die… lets all do a self check!!
    No new laws are needed lets just follow the ones we have!

  • Concerned

    Maybe this Country talking idiot needs to leave for WORK earlier!! Adjust your schedule accordingly. I wonder if he would become Bo or Luke Duke if a train stopped him every morning??

  • Bill

    When I’m on the road and I encounter a bike rider I use my turn signal when I start to pass them so as to alert the vehicles behind me. When I merge back into my lane after passing I use my turn signal to alert the bike rider I’m moving back over. It isn’t had to be curtious to bike riders in Alabama. Other states seem to deal with these folks….why do Alabamians find it so hard???????

  • Tim

    I have no problem with bikes on the road but do feel that if they want rights to the roads then they need to buy a license plate for their bike and pay the same taxes for their bike that I pay for my vehicles. It only seems fair.

    • faf1967


      What is fair? So i want to make sure I understand what you are saying. All cyclists who ride the road must get a license. OK. So your kids will now have to get a license since they get on the road.

      I’ll make you a deal. Let’s start charging for the license based on vehicle weight since it is the weight of the vehicle that does the most damage to the road. So my bike weighs 16 lbs and I weigh 180. Your average vehicle weighs 3000 lbs. So if it is a penny per lab, then I would pay 1.96 and you would pay 30.00. Now that is an example, but your cost would be 15X more. So yes that would be fair to me.

      Next thing you are going to want everyone to make the same salary because that is fair.

  • Karen

    It’s the first place in the history of the internet that someone apologized. I’m speechless. Speaking for cyclists everywhere, thank you for doing your homework and for sharing the road!

  • Geo

    You can’t punish someone twice for the same offense. when someone makes a bad judgement call and has their license suspended or revoked, how else are THEY suppose to get to work themselves? You are mad because you must rush to get to work on time, whats going to happen when you lose your privilege to drive and have to ride a bike to work? you going to post a video of you cussing people driving cars for going too fast?

  • Lizzy

    Eric it is illegal to drive too slow on the road way. Police are allowed to ticket drivers for going to slow just like the ticket drivers for driving too fast. maybe you need to read a law book.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Again…the roadways & Highways of Alabama were never designed for bicycles.

    The Downtown of Huntsville is just as unsafe as very few bicyclists observe the laws of the road and endanger themselves & the rest of us with their antics.

  • KB

    I leave an hour prior to my work shift. It only takes me 10 min to get to work. I leave so early just in case there is an accident so I know I have time to spare. If anything, I’ve only been 5 min late to work due to traffic backed up from a wreck and because I left so early. Time management people. And my goodness dude! Take a chill pill! He sounds like he’s about to bust a vein in his head! The bike rider had enough brains to have FLASHING lights so he could be seen.

  • James Donohue

    Roadside Vegetation needs to be trimmed. Really, the roads ARE wide enough, it just sometimes the tree-branch slaps you in the face as you bike by.

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