Colbert Authorities Search For Wanted Woman

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Chasity Diane Newell

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Authorities are hoping a tip to the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers can help apprehend a Shoals woman.

Sheriff’s department investigators say Chasity Diane Newell, 24, failed to show up for court last week and now has warrants issued for her arrest.

Court records show in January Newell pleaded guilty to chemical endangerment of a child and sentenced to 8-years in prison.

Newell was scheduled for a probation hearing on May 20th in the endangerment conviction.

If you know where Chasity Newell is please call the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tip line at 256-386-8685.

A cash reward is being offered in this case.


    • Red

      She doesn’t appear to be the type that would have a meth lab in her house, if that is what you mean. But looks can be deceiving. But they charge “chemical endangerment” for other things too, and I think it has been over used. One thing we do around here is we pack people into jails and prisons. We stuff them in there like we are doing something.

      If she was sentenced to 8 years, it would have had to be a serious case, or she had a terrible lawyer.

  • Mona

    She was sentenced to 8 years, but was having a probation hearing which means she never went to jail, was out on her own until the hearing and failed to appear. See, this is what is wrong with our system. The punishment never fits the crime. And IF YOU ARE sentenced to 8 years you should NOT WALK OUT SCOT FREE!

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