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Renter Demands Property Managers Add More Parking, Managers Agree One Month Later

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - A woman in her seventies wanted more handicapped parking in her living community. She went to property management to ask for it. The woman never saw more accommodations made for her neighbors living with physical challenges.

Ann Hedges emailed WHNT News 19 asking the station to take on her fight!

Hedges lives in the Fayetteville Square apartment complex. She's been there for years.

She talked with WHNT News 19 in April about how she thought apartment management was making it harder for her neighbors.

Hedges sent WHNT News 19 a note this weekend telling the station things will soon get a little easier.

There are times when a person featured in a story becomes very involved after the story airs. Hedges is one of them. She and a reporter have become pen pals.

“Oh yes, we have, big time,” said Hedges.

Hedges and WHNT News 19 fought for more handicapped parking at Fayetteville Square.

“Just about everyone who lives here now has a handicapped sticker, are on a walker they have to push or on a scooter,” added Hedges.

Hedges sent WHNT News 19 a message over the weekend. She wanted the station to know WHNT News 19’s fight for more spaces worked.

“Corporate came in last Wednesday. The manager said we are getting 14 more parking spaces,” added Hedges.

A corporate spokeswoman for Fayetteville Square confirmed more spaces are coming.

Property managers want to put nine spaces in one area, four spaces in another and one space near Hedges’ apartment.

The spokeswoman believes contractors can add only five spaces right now.

“We`d like to have had more, but we will take 14,” said Hedges.

Hedges is excited. She's gotten high-fives from some in her community and visitors.

But, with the good also comes the bad.

“It was pretty stressful. It`s been stressful since. There`s been negativity toward me because of this. But, I am here to help do for the people. That's why I am here," added Hedges.

The spokeswoman for Fayetteville Square told WHNT News 19 it will take a few weeks for to the parking spaces to be added. WHNT News 19 would like to thank the owners of Fayetteville Square for adding the spaces for Hedges and others. Management had been looking into the issue since 2007.

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