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Madison County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Oconee Drive Shooting

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting.

Investigators have not released any information about the shooting.  It happened at a home on Oconee Drive in Madison County around 4:30 a.m.  That’s in the eastern part of the county off Shields Road.

An investigator on the scene told WHNT News 19 paramedics took a woman to the hospital.  He also says deputies took the woman’s husband and son in for questioning.

A neighbor says she heard three gun shots around 4:30 a.m. then heard sirens a short time later.


  • Me

    Maybe you should read this instead of commenting on every shooting story with your nonsense…

    I understand guns are a problem, however I do not believe that regulation will have much of an impact. Thugs and criminals are not law abiding citizens, what makes you believe that would follow any regulation put into place.

    • Say What

      Me, why is it that other countries that also have high gun ownership do not have the shootings we do in America? Why has Australia not had a single mass shooting since they implemented strict regulations after a mass shooting in 1996?

      • Me

        Maybe because they aren’t filled with the type of people we have in America. Those who choose not to be educated and live off the government. Possibly because of all the gangs we have in inner cities. In fact, the majority of shootings in America take place in those cities. I wouldn’t consider mass shootings to be the biggest problem regardless, they are far outweighed by street violence.

      • Say What

        Maybe? Do you really base your view of reality on maybes? Those countries listed in my article have much more government support for their people than here in America. People like you usually call them socialist countries! Those countries have the same gangs that we do. Gangs are now international. It is very interesting that you do not find MASS shootings to be the biggest problem! That one comment explains everything we need to know about you!

  • Me

    How is a few people dying by one shooter a much large problem than the many deaths that occur each year by multiple aggressors? As far as the reality, it’s almost impossible to get hard facts on numbers of gang members and criminals due to the nature of their attacks. My question still stands, how and in what ways do you think that regulations will help when gun abusers are not law abiding citizens?

    • Red

      You appear to be talking to yourself here, Me. I will patronize you for a second. A LOT of criminals who use guns did their first criminal act WITH the gun. So prior to their offense, they were fine, upstanding citizens just like you. This is a fact that continues to elude the gun advocates, but if the country wasn’t awash in weapons, the rates of gun crimes could and would go down even though as you all say, the criminals don’t follow the gun laws and the law abiding do. If guns were not as easy to come by, at least some criminals would find themselves without them just due to their lack of gumption.

      But taking guns away from hill folk and frightened torch bearing townspeople just because… isn’t the answer, obviously, as nobody has EVER suggested that. Your NRA opposes ALL regulation. So your question is completely off base. Some regulations might only help on the margins. Some might not help at all. But the absense of any regulation moves us in the opposite direction unless you subscribe to the “more good guys with guns” philosophy, and that is about as stupid a notion as any I’ve ever heard. All one has to do is imagine several “good guys” pulling out their guns in the Waffle House one night as one person decides to make trouble, and as the bullets fly, the good guys win, the bad guy dies and no bullets go anywhere they arent’ supposed to and all involved know precisely which idiot with the gun is “bad” and which idiot with the gun is “good”.

      • Branko Pezdi

        All the stats belie your uninformed opinion. BUt then hard numbers never stopped a lib from his/her delusions.

      • roscoe

        I think that everyone should have a gun. Then those crimnal types will show them self’s out to the world and we can just shoot them and be done with them.

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