Alabama Primary Likely To Decide Several Races

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - If you don't vote in the primary election on June 3, you may not get a chance to cast a vote that makes a difference in the general election.

The primaries are likely to decide several races, due to several factors.

We'll focus on the Madison County sample ballots for this one to narrow down how to read the info.

Let's take a look at the Democratic ballot first.

Now head's up, a lot of the races on this ballot are for the party executive committee. We're not talking about those.

As for the rest of the ballot blocks, we need to highlight the race for State Representative for District 21.

The Secretary of State's Office doesn't have any Republican opposition qualified for this race, so it's likely that the primary vote decides who takes the seat.

Now we can switch over to the Republican ballot.

Right off the bat, you can pick out the race for the 5th Congressional District. Incumbent Mo Brooks faces Jerry Hill. The winner won't have a Democratic opponent, though it's possible they will face independent opposition.

Therefore, the primary could play a very big role deciding this one.

Back to the state level--we've got the 2nd District's State Senator.  There's no Democratic opposition for the winner of George Barry and Bill Holtzclaw.

Beyond that, we've got Public Service Commission races, uncontested by the Democrats, plus the 8th district Board of Education race between Mike Parsons and Mary Scott Hunter.

One last big one--the superintendent of Madison County Schools. The primary will decide who takes this spot. For some, this might be the most important race on the ballot. Remember, if that's the case, the only way to have input is to vote on the Republican side.

You can find the sample ballots for your county here to see which offices are up for grabs.

You can also check out the maps for Alabama Senate Districts and Alabama House Districts to get a general idea of which district you might vote in. You can get specific confirmation from the Secretary of State's website here.

To see if an office will be opposed in the general election, you can check the full lists of qualified Democrats and qualified Republicans.


  • Skillpot

    I am an Independent, so I may miss out, because I do not plan to vote in the Party voting! Why not get away from the Party stuff, and get on with the deciding?

  • Nuclear Mike

    This is why the two parties will fight the Tea Party and all others to basically have the qualification to be in the primarty election “the power to elect” so many without any opposition…this is a mutant democracy at best.

    • Say What

      Who are you trying to kid? The tea party is not a separate party. The tea party is a bunch of renegades trying to take over the Republican party. The tea party is running out of steam as the moderate voters see how radical they really are in their policies. They did not do well in the primaries a few weeks ago and will not do any better in the remaining primaries. Turn out the lights — the party is over!

  • Rise Up

    “Say What” is the resident Lib Troll doing the bidding of his Pappy, Obumma. The Tea Party WILL “Rise Up” and the “Dem-Wits will fall hard in November!

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